The purpose of the following guideline is to outline and explain the procedures for private certifiers to electronically submit all building approval documents.

Benefits of electronic submission

It is cheaper to submit privately certified building approval documents electronically rather than by hardcopy as a reduced document submission fee now applies for online submission. If you submit your building certification documents online, all associated documents must also be submitted electronically. For example, if you submit an engagement notice online, then you must also submit the decision notice, final notice and any other documents online.


How to submit an application

Online - preferred method

Building applications can be easily submitted and paid for using the Online customer service portal, 24/7. It allows applicants to track the progress of their applications submitted through the portal by using one user account per business/individual with ease. 

To use the portal, register (top right hand corner) and then select 'Development applications'.

Further information about the portal can be found in the 'Submit your development application online' article.


PDF applications can be emailed to

In person

PDF applications can be submitted in person to your local customer service centre.


Mandatory requirements for submitting documents electronically

Submission fee

The payment of the document submission fee must be through an existing Toowoomba Regional Council debtor account or paid over phone by card.

PDF documents

Documents must be in PDF format:

  • Created by a software program, not by a scanner
  • Unlocked with no password protection
  • Unzipped
  • Legible
  • Correct orientation (vertical or horizontal)
  • Total document size must not exceed 50Mb

The approval documents are required to be saved as 1 PDF in the following order:

  1. Decision notice
  2. DA Form 2 – Building work details
  3. Form 56 - Notice of engagement, unless previously lodged
  4. Form 20 – Lodgement of building work
  5. Plans and supporting documentation

The documents listed above are required at the time of submission as they are mandatory requirements as stated in s86 of Part 6 of Chapter 4 of the Building Act 1975.

Note: Do not provide a hard copy if submitting electronically.


Useful tips for submitting electronically

How to reduce the size of documents

To reduce the file size of Adobe PDF documents refer to the software provider, e.g. Adobe Acrobat for instructions on reducing PDF file sizes.

Why you should reduce document size

When uploading documents you are using your internet data allowance and capability. Reducing the file size will save time uploading and potential for errors. Council's network also has limitations on the total volume it can receive at one time.


Further information

For further specific information please contact 131 872 or visit your nearest Customer Service Centre.


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