For certain types of developments, a development application may be needed for a development permit. Development applications must be made using the designated application forms from the Queensland Government - Queensland's Planning System website.

When a development application is lodged with Council the process followed is as per the development assessment rules.

The process consists of five stages:

  1. Application stage
  2. Information stage
  3. Referral stage
  4. Notification stage
  5. Decision stage

Not all stages, or all parts of a stage, apply to every application. For more information about each stage, visit the Queensland Government - Queensland's Planning System website, which has detailed information on the assessment process. It also provides information whether your application triggers referral to a state government or other referral agency.

Information Sheets available to assist you to understand the application process and to ensure you provide all of the necessary information when lodging your application - see below. A full list of printable version of these documents can be found in Payments, self-service & laws > Forms & info sheets > Planning & building.

There is a range of information sheets available to help you understand the application process and ensure you provide all of the necessary information when lodging your application (see below related links).

Your development application will be assessed against the Toowoomba Regional Planning Scheme 2012 or relevant superseded scheme and in accordance with the applicable legislation. The status of a current application may be viewed via PDOnline.  If you have any questions please contact Council's Technical Advice Officer on 131 872.

The Development Services Branch is committed to continually improving our performance and understanding customer needs. View our Customer Service Charter to determine what to expect and how to partner effectively with us. In order to identify areas for development and improvement a feedback survey and a series of one on one meetings with our development industry members were conducted during 2019. This has culminated in the production of the Development Industry Members Feedback Development Services Branch report which details the results of the survey and the feedback from one on one meetings. It also contains an Action Plan which details the actions proposed to be undertaken by the Development Services Branch to address the development industry feedback provided. One of the initiatives identified in the Action Plan is to develop a protocol around the issue of draft development conditions for development applications to applicants. This protocol has now been reflected in a Practice Note – Providing Draft Conditions for Development Applications.

Keeping track of progress

Progress of development applications can be monitored using our Planning and Development Online (PD Online) website.

Within PDonline you can view or perform a:

Property enquiry - This allows you to access property information including property description details (i.e. property address or Lot and Plan), property size, relevant planning scheme information (including zoning, overlay and local plans) and Development applications.

Application tracking - This enables you to view and monitor the progress of development applications from lodgement to decision (with the exception of Plumbing and Drainage and Building applications). You will be able to find information relating to applicant details for development applications, the current status and progress of a development application and publicly available documentation relating to development applications (i.e. Plans).

Toowoomba Regional Planning Scheme - This is a searchable and up-to-date electronic version of the planning scheme that will allow you to view the planning scheme online, search the planning scheme based on a specific term or word and view zone, overlay, and local plan maps for a selected locality or across the region.

Our online mapping services includes a service to view:

Planning scheme maps - This function allows you to interactively access important planning information about the property and surrounding properties. You will be able to access aerial Imagery, zoning maps, overlay maps, local plans and priority infrastructure plans.