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The responsible person (or someone who is directly employed by them) is the only person/s under current legislation who can call an inspection. Contact must be made by the responsible person to arrange bookings for all stages of works. The applicant/owner is to provide the responsible person with the details of the approval (i.e. conditions of approval, approval number, house connection plan and the number of inspections paid for on application).


Types of inspections

  • Under slab (sub-drain)
  • Stack/elevated pipe work that is to be covered
  • Drainage (sanitary house drain)
  • Water services (rough in)
  • Final plumbing inspection


Requesting a plumbing and drainage inspection

Plumbers only can book a plumbing and drainage inspection after receiving notification to commence work. At least 48 hours notice must be given prior to the inspection date.

Information needed to book an inspection

  • A plumbing compliance assessment/approval number
  • Property description details relating to the property where the inspection is required
  • The responsible persons name and details

How to book an inspection

The responsible person can make an inspection booking by any of the following methods:


Further information

For further specific information about booking a plumbing and drainage inspection contact the Plumbing and Drainage Section on 131 872 or visit your nearest Customer Service Centre.



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