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This portal allows real estate agents and solicitors access to rates and property information along with other related property services.

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Instructions for use

Searching by lot on plan will provide real estate agents and solicitors with the following:

  • property location
  • property description (lot on plan)
  • half-yearly rates and charges (including water charges)
  • outstanding balance
  • water meter readings
  • land area
  • land valuation.

Rate notices

Rate notices are issued in August and February and water rate notices are issued in October and April. A 10% discount applies to the general rate, sewerage charge, water access charge and water consumption charge if payment is received by the due date of the notice.

If a message appears ‘Rates have not been generated’, please view gross rates and charges for the previous period or contact us.

Rate search and special water meter reading for conveyancing

For conveyancing purposes, this portal does not replace the need to undertake a rate search and a special water meter reading. Solicitors still need to complete the necessary searches as part of the conveyancing process. Request a rate search here.


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Further assistance

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