Pensioners are entitled to a discount on their rates account for their principle place of residence. The remissions available for pensioners on their rates and water notices are listed below.

  • The State Government grants a 20% remission on rates (limits apply) plus 20% of the emergency management levy
  • We set a fixed remission amount which is determined annually by us.
  • We grant a $35 per annum remission of the water access charge.

Please note: the Toowoomba Region is not part of the South East Queensland water grid and no State Government rebate applies.


To be eligible for a remission on your rates you must live on the property permanently and be either the sole owner, joint owner, part owner, or life tenant of the property. You must also have one of the following:

  • a current Queensland Centrelink Pensioner Concession card, or
  • a Veterans' Affairs gold card

Note: life tenancy of a property can only be created by a valid will and is effective only after the death of the property owner or by a Supreme Family Court order.

How to apply

To apply for the pension rebate please visit our Customer Service Centre to make an application. Proof of pension must be supplied at the time of application. You must lodge your application with us prior to the due date of the rates or water notice. Any applications made after the due date will not be eligible for a rebate until the following rate period. 

Once you have applied, there is no need to reapply unless one of the following has occurred. 

  1. You have recently sold your property and purchased another within the Toowoomba Regional Council area. Applications are property specific and we are not able to transfer pension details from one property to another. 
  2. There has been a change to your pension entitlement