Our local laws (Local Law No 3 Community and Environmental Management 2011) require occupiers of land to keep their allotments free from overgrown vegetation and any accumulation of objects and materials. If not maintained, the property becomes unsightly, could be a health hazard and is likely to attract reptiles.  Both occupied and unoccupied allotments must be maintained in such a fashion that there is no vegetation that is long or thick enough that snakes may be likely to find it attractive. If a property is Council owned, the responsible department will organise the maintenance of the property.

To report an overgrown or unsightly allotment contact us and have the following details ready:

  • Address of the property
  • Provide a description of the excess (ie grass, rubbish, household goods)
  • Describe the amount of excess (i.e if vegetation - height, if rubbish - quantity)
  • Is the property occupied or unoccupied?
  • Where on the property the problem occurring (i.e front yard, back yard,side)
  • If you have seen pests (snakes) on the property

We will inspect the property and initiate a regulatory process if need be. We follow the guidelines listed below:

Environmental Protection Act 1994

Environmental Protection Regulation 1998

Local Government Act 2009