In residential areas, street lighting is provided to improve visibility and safety for motorists, cyclists and pedestrians using the streets and footpaths. Street lighting is designed and installed to meet an Australian standard that defines how much light must shine on certain areas of the road and footpath.

We are responsible for designing new street lighting, funding upgraded lighting and approving changes and/or alterations to lighting on the road network. We then request Ergon to complete the actual work on the streetlights, as the majority of streetlights are owned and maintained by Ergon.


Requests for new street lighting, upgrades or changes

All requests relating to installation, upgrades or changes to street lighting can be lodged online, by email at or by calling 131 872.

Requests for new street lighting are prioritised according to road safety and community risk. In locations where the request is for more than isolated lights, we may survey other residents to gauge the level of support, for or against, the new street lighting.

Residents are sometimes concerned when street lights shine directly into the windows of their homes. In these instances, we will investigate, and depending on the situation, may consider requesting Ergon to install a different type of light to reduce the glare. We don't support installing shades on streetlights, as the installation of a shade can diminish the amount and pattern of light shining on the footpath and road.


Street lighting faults

Faults are generally the responsibility of Ergon Energy and can be reported by phoning 13 74 66 or by visiting the Ergon Energy website. Exceptions to this are:

  • Ruthven Street – between Herries Street and Chalk Drive / Victoria Street intersection
  • Margaret Street - between Victoria Street and Neil Street
  • Queens Park frontage along Margaret Street – up-lights shining into street trees
  • Council properties including parks, toilet blocks and a number of off-street car parks.

Faults with these lights should be reported by phoning 131 872.

When reporting a street light fault, be sure to include the pole number to assist in identifying its exact location.