There are many great reasons to ride a bike no matter your age. It improves your health and fitness, creates a strong and healthy heart and gives you a sense of freedom. Riding also:

  • improves overall brain performance
  • reduces stress and anxiety
  • boosts your immune system
  • helps the environment and lowers carbon emissions
  • saves you money in commuting costs.

Wherever you are in the Toowoomba Region there are riding trips to be had. With our network of off-road cycleways, on-road cycleways, shared pathways and beautiful country scenery, you can find great recreational and community routes through our city, towns and country areas.


Routes for different riding styles

Before you set off riding in Toowoomba Region it is important to be familiar with the road network, footpaths, bushland or trails to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience. Remember that in Queensland, it is legal to ride on the footpath provided you stay on the left and share the path safely with pedestrians and other path users. .

We’ve listed several popular routes for each type of riding style below.

There are endless routes for riding on the road around our region. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced rider, enjoy short or long-distance rides, you will enjoy what our region has to offer. Some of the most popular routes in our region are listed below. 



Alternatively, suggested routes from members of our community can be found on the Bikemap and MapMyRide - Toowoomba, Oakey & Westbrook website

Toowoomba leisure rides 

We have put together a collection of leisure routes around Toowoomba. These are typically on streets with less traffic, shared pathways and through parks. In many locations, you can choose between riding on the road or using paths.

  • East & West Creek loop 14 km- Enjoy a family ride that is mostly on dedicated paths. Ride up the gentle gradient of West Creek and back down East Creek. There are many playgrounds and other points of interest to entertain children along the way.
  • Prince Henry Drive loop 4 km- This route captures many of the attractions of cycling in the Toowoomba Region - amazing views and a few hills. This is an on-road route for which 1/2 is one-way traffic only.
  • Criterium track 1.7 km- A purpose-built cycling track that offers a safe recreation, training, and racing venue. 
  • Velodrome-  A purpose built 333m outdoor asphalt surfaced and painted, banked velodrome has been an icon for Toowoomba cycling for many years.
  • Uni loop 4 km - As a mostly flat circuit, the uni loop can feature large groups riding at pace many mornings of the week.

Intermediate rides (20km+)

Some intermediate and long rides offer the most beautiful scenery. Be sure to take the camera and stop to grab a picture along your way.

Long country rides (100km +)

Popular mass-participation ride

The yearly Toowoomba Ride the Range attracts hundreds of riders from around the country. View information about this event on the Ride the Range website.

Mountain biking is a great way to explore some of our region’s spectacular bushland trails and scenic views. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced mountain bike rider, we have a ride that will suit you.

Toowoomba has a mountain bike club run by volunteers working with Council to protect and restore our natural areas. Mountain Bike Australia is the main peak body for mountain biking in Australia.

Suggested routes from members of our community can be found on the Trailforks (MTB) -and Mountain Bike Mecca  - Crows Nest & Ravensbourne areas websites.

Popular routes include:

  • Brisbane Valley Rail Trail (Yarraman) - The trail starts from Yarraman Station Park and comprises 160 km of multi-use track that follows the disused Brisbane Valley rail line to Wulkuraka (near Ipswich).
  • Jubilee Park (Mount Lofty) - The park offers more than 26 km of single-track mountain bike trails ranging from green circle (easy) to black diamond (difficult). It also has 12.5 km of multi-use track shared between walkers, bike riders and horse riders.
  • Redwood Park (Prince Henry Heights) - The park is made up of the Bridle Trail, Grasstree Trail and Eagles Nest Trail. The 5.5 km trails distance is shared between walkers, bike riders and horse riders.
  • Stenner Skills Park (Middle Ridge) - The park has 5 dirt jump tracks ranging in ability levels to suit beginners and experts. The tracks include tabletops, gap doubles, rollers and berms.

Popular mass-participation rides

The community run Toowoomba Mountain Bike Club hosts various mountain bike events that lure both national and international riders to the region. Keep up to date with upcoming events via the Toowoomba Mountain Bike Club website.

BMX riding is a fun outdoor sport that the whole family can enjoy. There are several parks across the Toowoomba Region offering BMX facilities for fitness, fun and recreation. BMX facilities cater for different skill levels, but generally consist of dirt tracks, with some offering built-up dirt hills and various types of jumps.

You can contact BMX South Queensland to find a club a near you.

BMX tracks are located at:

You can also ride your BMX bike in some of our skate parks along with skateboards, scooters, and roller skates. Remember that these are a shared facility so practice safe riding and be courteous to fellow riders.

Toowoomba has two purpose-built riding facilities that offer a safe recreational and training options dedicated to cyclists.

  1. The Peter Watts Criterium Track which is a fantastic facility for the whole community with six different track configurations offering a versatile and flexible layout, and with distances ranging from 350 m to 1.76 km.
  2. The 333m outdoors, asphalt surfaced and painted, banked velodrome has been an icon for Toowoomba cycling for many decades.

Read more on these two facilities on our Criterium track and Velodrome webpage.


New to riding

Our region has many spectacular views that can be enjoyed when exploring on two wheels. Whether you ride with the family, commute to work by bike, or head out on the trails and into the bush, there are plenty of options for you. The following information will help you start your two wheeled adventure.

Riding with kids 

Riding a bike is fun and a great way of building physical activity into your child’s day. Provided below are tips to help you teach your child to ride a bike and a list of great parks and bicycle tracks they will enjoy. We have also made a list that include some great parks and bicycle tracks they may enjoy. girldandboylearningtoridebikeatglenavalepark


How to teach your child to ride a bike

  • Choose a nice grassy area with a small slope to start on (this slows them down and there may be falls initially).
  • Swap the training wheels for a balance bike or take off the pedals and practice gliding. This will help with balance and stability. 
  • Make sure the bike is the right size for the child; not too big, not too small.
  • When it comes time to pedal, show your child the how to brake.
  • Allow time; this is a new skill and one that will give them great pleasure.

Suggested parks for learning to ride 

We have numerous family friendly parks with bicycle paths. Children can learn to ride and practice the basic road rules of giving way, stopping and hand signaling. 

  • Glenvale Park learn to ride - A learn to ride facility for beginners. Nearby playground and other sporting facilities make this a must-visit for young families. Read more on Glenvale Park
  • Groom Park -  Beginners and intermediate levels will have fun at this park. Children can learn to read road signs and practice using a round-about and speed bumps. This park is used by primary schools in conjunction with PCYC’s Bicycle Safety program, so it is set up to learn to ride. Groom park also offers a playground, BBQ’s and shaded areas. Read more on Groom Park.  
  • Goombungee sports and recreation reserve -  The Goombungee sports and recreation reserve features two full-size fields which is perfect space for learning to ride as well as a bicycle track. There is also a tennis court and a multi-purpose court to add fun to your day. Read more on Goombungee Reserve.
  • Darling Heights, Theiss Park (south) - This park provided a range of recreational activities including a bike mania track that includes several obstacles for kids to master, set on a paved track with little gradient. Read more on Darling Heights, Theiss Park.
  • Highfields, Mountain View Park – The views here are create a lovely space to ride. A short bicycle track and plenty of grass space as well as a kid’s playground. Read more on Highfields, Mountain View Park.


People who ride 

Susie recently switched to commuting to work and she finds it extremely enjoyable. 

Watch our local cyclist Susie commute to and from work when the weather allows.


Road rules

Road safety is everyone’s responsibility. Bicycle riders and motorists have the same rights and responsibilities. It’s important to share the road and be aware of the need to look out for each other at all times. 

Sharing the road with bicycle riders

Be patient and considerate

  • Watch out for bicycle riders at all times, but especially at night, dawn or dusk. Be considerate and dip your headlights when approaching a bicycle rider at night.
  • Be patient. If it isn't safe to pass a bicycle rider, wait until it is safe. This should not hold you up for long and it could save the bicycle rider's life.

Laws for motorists passing bicycle riders

Motorists must stay wider of bicycle riders by giving a minimum of:

  • 1m when passing a bicycle rider in a 60km/h or less speed zone
  • 1.5m where the speed limit is over 60km/h.

Check your blind spots

Bicycle riders are much smaller than cars and heavy vehicles, so they are harder to see. Check your blind spots before changing lanes, turning or when you open your car door.

Giving way

Make sure you treat bicycle riders like any other vehicles on the road. Give way to them when required and travel at a safe following distance.

Riding on a separated path

On a separated path, you can only ride on the side that is for bicycle riders. The other side is for pedestrians. The separated path sign will show you which side of the path you must ride on. You must always ride to the left of bicycle riders coming toward you.

Read more about the Queensland Government bicycle road rules and safety.

Bike parking in Toowoomba

Toowoomba city has a number of locations for bikes to be parked.


Reporting cycling issues

To report a cycling issue or safety hazard please report the issue to our customer service team via ePathway (online service request).