Water running from tap

The Oakey pipeline delivers Jondaryan's water supply, stored in three reservoirs with a capacity of 45 kl each. To provide sufficient water supply and meet service standards for pressure, fire flow and chlorine residual, a new reservoir is required in Jondaryan. The new reservoir will have a capacity of 300 kl, with a dedicated supply main, sealed access driveway and an onsite chlorine redosing set up to improve the Jondaryan water quality. This new reservoir is located at the existing reservoir site on Rutledge Road in Jondaryan. After its completion, the original three reservoirs will be demolished.

The Jondaryan reservoir upgrade is a joint initiative with the Queensland Government. State government funding of $500,000 was allocated to this project through the Unite and Recover Community Stimulus Package 2020-21.

Newlands Civil Construction was awarded the project as a design and construction contract.

Start date

July 2020

Finish date

31 December 2021