Woman watering garden

Southern trunk pipeline

A key project of our 2020/21 budget will be the Southern Trunk Pipeline, which will help provide a water security solution for the towns of Clifton, Nobby, Greenmount and Cambooya.

Towns and areas to the south of Toowoomba that are not connected to the Toowoomba Bulk Water Supply rely upon rainwater and/or town water supplies from independent groundwater systems.  With drought and increasing demand from the rural sector for groundwater supplies, the security and quality of groundwater for town water supplies has diminished over time.

The 2020/21 $4.5 million budget allocation will allow work to begin, but we know this is only one part of providing water security for these towns.

Prior to undertaking this work, we will continue energetic and persistent discussions with both the Southern Downs Regional Council and the State Government to determine the further need and feasibility of a pipeline to connect our two regions.

Start date

1 July 2019.