Footpath in construction

A dedicated $50 million pandemic response investment program has been approved by Council for the 2020/21 financial year. It comprises 64 projects that are being accelerated to stimulate economic activity across the Toowoomba Region.

This is part of our commitment to assist our community as we recover from the Coronavirus pandemic. This $50 million dollars represents expenditure over and above Council’s annual capital budget of $165M. The federal government stimulus package, providing a $25k grant to owner-occupiers building new homes, has resulted in a substantial increase in local land sales and demand for building trades. Toowoomba Region continues to provide excellent opportunities with a diverse economy, relatively affordable housing and an enviable lifestyle for its people. As much as possible, the $50 million pandemic response investment program will be implemented by using local suppliers of materials and services.

In other initiatives we have

  • Given a $125 rate concession for the majority of rateable properties throughout the Region
  • Provided free parking in the Toowoomba CBD from May to June
  • Adjusted the procurement Policy to give extra price weighting to local suppliers when engaged by Council to supply goods or services
  • Extended the water rates discount period to 23 June
  • Waived interest on overdue rates and charges calculated at 30 June
  • Postponed the sale of land for overdue rates and charges for the 2020 calendar year
  • Extended animal registrations to 30 September
  • Provided 100% rent relief for small businesses that occupy Council-owned properties for the months of April, May and June
  • Refunded 50% of the food licence fees for the 2019/20 financial year for fixed premises
  • Refunded 50% of personal appearance retail licence fees for the 2019/20 financial year
  • Waived credit card surcharges for all transactions at Council's Service Centres to 30 June
  • Provided community groups with micro-grants for up to $499.

Pandemic Response Investment projects include

Council buildings (18 projects)

  • Cambooya Hall renewal program
  • Construction of the new Highfields Library
  • Fencing projects
  • Oakey Showground toilets and pavilion
  • Nell E Robinson Park clubhouse amenities
  • Neil St Bus Station toilet renewal
  • Renewal of pool change rooms
  • Replacement of air-conditioning, security systems and other equipment
  • Various building amenity projects including renewal of toilet facilities
  • Various building and structure maintenance and upgrade projects.

Plant and equipment (2 projects)

  • City Safe and CCTV projects.

Road and bridge network (9 projects)

  • Bowenville Moola Rd upgrade
  • Footpath renewal in Crows Nest
  • Intersection safety upgrade project
  • Regional road pavement rehabilitation program – Central
  • Regional road pavement rehabilitation program – North
  • Regional road pavement rehabilitation program – South
  • Regional road reseal program – Central
  • Regional road reseal program – North
  • Region-wide asphalt overlay program.

Site improvements (20 projects)

  • Bridge Street Quarry development – Stage 1
  • Brookstead landfill rehabilitation
  • Fencing renewal program
  • Fencing upgrade program
  • Fire management access - new
  • Fire management access - renewals
  • Fire management access – upgrades
  • Kingsthorpe Recreation Reserve upgrade
  • Landscaping projects
  • Landfill rehabilitation in Brookstead, Pilton and Quinalow
  • Park upgrade and access projects
  • Millmerran waste management facility
  • Peranga toilet access pathways
  • Pilton landfill rehabilitation
  • Quinalow landfill rehabilitation
  • Southern growth corridor waste management facility
  • Toowoomba waste centre vertical expansion – 2
  • Various waste collection and facility projects.

Wastewater infrastructure (2 projects)

  • Cambooya upgrade gravity mains - Stage 2
  • Crows Nest sewerage priority 1 works.

Water infrastructure (13 projects)

  • Bore infrastructure projects
  • Cooby and Cressbrook spillway upgrades
  • Meringandan West trunk water mains upgrade
  • Reservoir and trunk main projects
  • Toowoomba – Vale View pipeline
  • Water and wastewater equipment projects.