We're constructing a waste transfer facility at Millmerran as the existing landfill waste facility is nearing capacity.   

In the 2020/21 budget $735,000 has been allocated to the project.

The design of the facility will be a smaller version of the Greater Toowoomba Waste Management Facility on O'Mara Road. It will have a similar look and feel.

Waste transfer facilities are a cleaner, neater and tidier waste solution. Waste is stored on pavement, and transported to landfill locations offsite, reducing the extent of odour, dust, and animal/rodent control required. Litter prevention controls are put in place to contain windblown litter from the facility and prevent it from entering drains. Transfer facilities reduce the impacts to the community associated with landfill activity as well as ensuring environmental compliance.

We will keep stakeholders informed as the project advances.

Project stages

  • The design of the facility commences in 2020.

Start date

Detailed planning commences from July 2020.