Automated standpipe Crows Nest

In the 2018/19 budget, an allocation of $230,000 was assigned to the installation of automated standpipes at Crows Nest, Oakey, Wyreema and Millmerran. The project also received $125,000 in funding through the Drought Communities Programme.

Following the successful implementation of the Crows Nest, Oakey, Millmerran and Wyreema standpipes we will continue updating standpipes with the automated system throughout the Region, starting in Pittsworth. This standpipe will use the same process as the other ones as outlined below.

The use of the automated standpipes allows us to more accurately keep track of water usage from the standpipes, help reduce water losses, water theft and ensure correct payment is received for the amount of water used by the customer.

Customers will need to apply for a tag to access the automated standpipes. Current standpipe water users will be required to apply for a new tag. Application forms will be available from customer service centres in Toowoomba, Oakey, Crows Nest, Millmerran, Greenmount and Pittsworth. A non-refundable fee of $25 per tag will also be required.

Each of these standpipes are designed to provide potable water to Toowoomba Region residents who are not on town water supplies.

To apply for access to one of these standpipes, please visit

Start date

April 2019

Expected completion date