As part of our involvement in the Queensland Climate Resilient Councils (Q-CRC) program, Council is currently preparing a Climate Risk Management Strategy in accordance with the Q-CRC’s Climate Risk Management Framework for Queensland Local Government.

Changing rainfall patterns, drought, heatwaves, fire risk, and increases in extreme weather events could have a significant impact on the people, businesses and environment within the Toowoomba Region, including council.

The Climate Risk Management Framework consists of three (3) phases made up of nine (9) steps. Council has commenced the Phase 1 of the framework, which involves us understanding the risks posed by climate change to our Region.

Three phases:

Phase 1 - strategic climate risk proofing

Phase 2 - detailed climate risk planning

Phase 3 - implementing climate actions

Nine steps:

  1. understanding climate risk
  2. strategic overview
  3. detailed risk assessment
  4. setting response parameters
  5. action planning
  6. organisational readiness
  7. project management
  8. monitoring and evaluation
  9. strategic review.

sustainable development

Step 1

By using the framework and guideline, we will develop a clear policy position and strategy on how we deal with climate risk. This will inform strategic land use, infrastructure planning and sustainable design. This information will inform the new planning scheme.

This policy supports our obligations under the State Planning Policy to consider the effects of climate change.