Man cycling over pedestrian bridge.

We are replacing the Alderley Street, Toowoomba pedestrian bridge over West Creek.

The old wooden bridge, which is located just west of Ruthven Street, has some structural issues and the new bridge will improve safety for pedestrians and cyclists.

A 30-metre-long by four-metre-wide composite fibre bridge will be constructed just north of the existing bridge to tie in with the existing footpath. See the below image for the location of the new bridge.

The bridge will be manufactured off-site and placed in its new location by a crane which is expected to access the area via Pierce Street.

Expected start date

Design is currently underway

Construction is expected to start October 2021

Targeted completion date

Early November, weather permitting

While the new bridge is expected to be completed by November 2021, it may be some time afterwards until it is available for public use as the old bridge will need to be decommissioned and tie-in work completed for the new bridge.

alderley street toowoomba pedestrian bridge diagram