Highfields Cultural Centre

As the owner of a large number of civic buildings around the Toowoomba Region, thorough renewal and upgrade programs are necessary to ensure these assets remain up to standard in accordance with our building assessment program. In the 2018/19 budget $4 M has been allocated towards the completion of an extensive list of all projects, as can be seen below.

Fire services: Replacement of smoke and heat detectors in 153 Herries and 543 Ruthven St administration buildings.

Mechanical services: Renewal of mechanical services such as air-conditioning, emergency lighting, fire control panels and lifts.

Emergency lighting: Renewal of emergency lighting at Milne Bay Aquatic and Fitness Centre, Highfields Cultural Centre and Highfields Indoor Sports Centre.

Building management system: This will involve the integration and monitoring of generator sets.

Lifts: Lift works will include:

  • the renewal of controller and button sets.
  • the renewal of  Toowoomba Regional Art Gallery and bus depot lift controllers.
  • the replacement and upgrade of button sets to fully illuminated, duel lit buttons which include Braille letters.

Auto doors: Upgrade of automatic doors.

Roof safety systems: Continued review of height access to service equipment at Crows Nest service sites, Highfields sites, Oakey sites and Milne Bay and Aquatic Fitness Centre.

Aquatic building renewal and upgrades: The following projects will be undertaken at Milne Bay Aquatic and Fitness Centre:

  • Reconstruction of concourse and drainage systems.
  • Replacement of expansion joints and relining of 50 metre pool.
  • Replacement of the solar heating system.

Start date

July 2018

Target completion date

Projects will be delivered over the 2018/19 financial year.