An animal nuisance is regarded as any activity that disrupts or inhibits the normal lifestyle of neighbours on adjoining or nearby land. 


Barking dogs

Information about barking dogs can be found in our Barking dog article.


Roaming animal

To find out what to do with a roaming animal, view the 'Lost and roaming pets/animals' article.


Dust, odour or defecation from an animal

Please consider discussing the issue with the animal owner to see if the problem can be resolved, as they may not be aware of the issue until told. To help you have this conversation, a State Government neighbourhood mediation kit is available online.

If you're uncomfortable approaching the animal owner, please either:


  • contact us and provide the following information: what the issue is, how often the issue is happening and the address of where the alleged nuisance animal resides (if possible).


Flea infestation

While we aren't able to deal with flea infestations, if a property is overgrown or unsightly, we may be able to take action around this issue, which in turn may assist with the flea infestation. However, if a property isn't overgrown or unsightly, we are unable to specifically address the flea concern. In this case, you may wish to consider talking to the property owner or tenant.

To help you have this conversation, a State Government neighbourhood mediation kit is available online.