Different payment options are available depending on the type of animal fine or infringement received. The back of the infringement notice shows the options available.


Animal release fees

The release fees charged after an animal has been impounded are not able to be paid in instalments; they must be paid in full. View the impoundment fees online.


Animal infringement

The options for paying an animal infringement are detailed below. If no action is taken within 28 days of the notice being issued, we will post a reminder notice to the registered owner.

Pay in full

Pay in full within 28 days of the date of infringement. The infringement is then finalised and no further prosecution or enforcement will be taken.

Pay in instalments

The first $60 must to be paid to Council within 28 days from the date of issue and receipted to the infringement as an underpayment. The balance will then be lodged with SPER (State Penalties Enforcement Registry) as a VIP Payment Plan and will not incur lodgement fees with SPER. This option is only for infringements that are $200 or more.

The first $60 can be paid over the counter or phone.

SPER will be in contact to arrange the payment plan for the rest of the payments. This means the rest of the payments won't be made through us.

Request a review

To request an internal review of the infringement a written request stating reasons and providing evidence must be submitted. 

Choose to have a court hearing

If your request for a court hearing is received within 28 days, a prosecution against you may be commenced in a Magistrates Court. To choose a court hearing you must complete the relevant section on the infringement and return the notice to us.

Prior to electing to have a court hearing, you may request to review the enforcement of this notice. To apply for the review process, please outline your reasons in a letter addressed to the Chief Executive Officer within 14 days of receiving the notice.