Roaming livestock can pose a hazard for road travellers and can be a nuisance for neighbouring landholders. Livestock must be confined to the landholder's property at all times and are not allowed to roam. If livestock have roamed onto your property, if appropriate, speak to the animal owner first to try and resolve the matter. However, if this is not appropriate we can investigate the matter. 

Landholders who keep livestock are encouraged to check their boundary fences are in good condition and ensure that their stock do not wander onto roads or other properties.

Definition of livestock

Livestock refers to any animals used for food, labour or fibre and includes horses, cattle, sheep, pigs, goats, deer, llamas, camels and the like.


Repeated incidents of roaming livestock

In the case of repeated incidents, we can order landowners to fix fences and render their properties 'stock-proof'. If for any reason we cannot determine the owners of the livestock, the livestock can be impounded.  Under local laws, we can impose fines on the owners of wandering stock or property owners with fences in disrepair.

To report any instances of escaped livestock, please contact us.