The lower gym floor is temporarily closed due to storm damage.

The pools and upstairs group exercise room have re-opened to the public. Due to extensive flood damage, the lower gym area remains closed until further notice. Our Milne Bay crew are working hard to have this area back up and running as soon as possible.

We apologise for any inconvenience this unexpected closure may cause.

The Milne Bay Aquatic & Fitness Centre has a range of activities and classes available in the pool and at the gym. See the blue sliders below for more information.

Fees and charges


Entire listing of fees and charges - all charges for Milne Bay Aquatic & Fitness Centre.

Pool fees - pool fees only.

Full membership fees - covers access to the pool and gym at Milne Bay Aquatic & Fitness Centre (and Highfields Fitness & Recreation Centre).


Contact details & social media

Contact us via phone on 4688 6330. You can stay up-to-date with the latest news via the centre's Facebook page or Instagram account.


Milne Bay Aquatic & Fitness Centre is located on the corner of Herries and Victoria Streets, Toowoomba. View Google map.


Open hours 

Monday - Thursday: 5.30am - 8pm

Friday: 5.30am - 6.30pm

Saturday and Sunday: 7am - 6pm


Public holidays: 9am - 4pm

Closed Good Friday, ANZAC Day, Christmas and Boxing Day


  • 50-metre outdoor lap pool (Closed for Autumn/Winter. Reopening September 2022)
  • 25-metre heated indoor lap pool
  • fully equipped gymnasium (Closed for maintenance. Reopening date TBA)
  • group fitness rooms
  • therapy/training pool
  • children's wading pool
  • spa and sauna
  • poolside kiosk/cafe
  • fully enclosed 45-metre water slide (Currently under maintenance) 
  • water spouts
  • mushroom waterfall
  • childcare (Closed for maintenance. Reopening date TBA)
  • onsite parking
  • access ramp.

Keep Watch Program

The Milne Bay Aquatic and Fitness Centre participates in the Royal Life Saving Society of Australia's KEEP WATCH Program. Our qualified lifeguards manage and supervise aquatic activities to ensure maximum safety and fun. However, children under the age of 15 must be accompanied by an adult aged 18 years or over, or by the legal parent or guardian of the child, at all times during their stay in the aquatic area.

For 0–5 year olds and non-swimmers, a high visibility wristband will be worn at all times, it is a means of identification, a parent or guardian needs to be in the water at all times and within arms' reach of the child. If children are not within arm’s reach of their parent or guardian at all times, they will be removed from the water.

Parents or guardian of children under 15 will be issued a high visibility wristband  which must be worn at all times is a means of identification that this parents or guardian is supervising. If children under 15 are unsupervised they will be removed from the water.

Groups/families will not be permitted entry where the number of Parent/Guardian’s supervising a group of children under 15 years exceeds the ratio of 1:6.

Please remember your children are your responsibility.  

Swimwear policy

The swimwear policy across our pools is based on guidelines from the Royal Lifesaving Society of Australia (RLSSA) and from QLD Health. The RLSSA Guideline for Safe Pool Operation makes references to appropriate swimwear in public pools.

Adequate and hygienic recognised swimwear made from lycra and nylon should be worn at all times in the water. Infants are required to wear only recognised waterproof aqua nappies plus tight leg swimwear.

Membership fees can be found by viewing the Milne Bay Aquatic and Fitness Centre fees and charges.

Aquatic (wet area) membership

An aquatic membership gives you unlimited access to the aquatic area for the term of your membership. This includes swim, spa, sauna and aqua exercise programs.

Full centre membership inclusions

Includes reciprocal rights to Highfields Fitness and Recreation centre.

1. Use of gym facilities

Equipment available:

  • treadmills and X-trainers
  • rowers
  • upright bike
  • resistance equipment including fixed weight machines and free-weights. 

Please remember you must have a towel at all times - no towel, no workout.

2. Aquatic facilities (including pools, spa and sauna)

3. Group fitness classes

A list of available classes can be found below in the blue slider titled 'Regular classes'.

4. Face-to-face program

As part of our gym membership, we offer a face-to-face program which comprises one 30-minute session, for a total of five weeks with trainers, who provide free weigh-ins, measurements and training programs every 6-8 weeks.

Week one: health profile check one (compulsory)

  • current medical condition assessed (including injuries if applicable)
  • measurements are recorded (height, weight, etc)
  • goals are recorded
  • discuss the type of training program required.

Weeks two and three: ongoing training

  • trainer will run through the training program by demonstrating each exercise
  • trainer will assess form and technique to ensure safety and correctness of movement
  • trainer available to answer questions about the program and modify the program if needed.

Week four: nutrition

  • trainer will discuss any eating habits that the client may want to change (diets are unable to be provided)
  • trainer can give advice on how to achieve nutrition and health goals
  • trainer available to give advice on the training program, correct form/technique, program modifications, etc.

Week five: health profile progress check

  • weight and measurements recorded
  • new injuries or medical conditions recorded
  • new program created and discussed. 

Car parking options

For the convenience of patrons, the Milne Bay Aquatic and Fitness Centre has parking available on-site, with extra car parking spaces available for patrons in the Water Street car park across the road.

Group fitness classes - aqua and group fitness

Commences: Monday, 14 March 2022


6.00am - Ride
9.00am - Active Bodies
10.00am - Les Mills Body Pump
5.00pm - Yoga
6.00pm  - Calisthenics
8.15am - Aqua Aerobics
6.00pm - Aqua Fit


6.00am - Bootcamp
9.15am  - VETS only
10.15am - Zumba Gold
5.30pm - Pilates
8.15am - Aqua Aerobics
5.30pm - Aqua Aerobics


6.00am - Fit Happens
9.15am  - BoxFit
4.00pm - BootyBootcamp
9.00am  - Aqua Zumba
6.00pm - Aqua Fit


6.00am - Cardio Blitz (HIIT)
9.15am - Les Mills Body Pump
4.00pm  - Strong Nation
5.30pm - Pilates
8.15am  - Aqua Aerobics
5.30pm - Aqua Aerobics


6.00am - Bootcamp
9.00am - Active Bodies
10.00am - Strong Nation
9.00am - VETS only Aqua


7.30pm - Fit Happens
10.15am - Yoga
7.30am - Aqua Aerobics

Class information

Active Bodies - A low impact exercise class aimed at improving your overall strength, fitness and mobility. This class is great for those just starting out, carrying injuries or are looking for a whole-body workout without the joint impact. 

Aqua - A cardio and conditioning, pool-based workout that uses the resistance of the water. Gentle on your joints and great for toning up. An impact free class designed to improve your overall cardio and strength.

Aqua Fit - Bringing bootcamp into the pool. A combination of water resistance and equipment-based exercises injection into a high energy circuit, gentle on joints, this class will have you torching calories and toning muscles. Suitable for all fitness levels.  

Aqua Zumba - A fantastic, fun form of aqua fitness and water aerobics, combining traditional water exercise with great Zumba music and upbeat moves. Get ready for the ultimate pool party!

Balls & Bands - Combining fitball exercises with resistance bands adding variety to resistance and stability training. This is a great class for improving balance, posture, range of motion and functional fitness for all abilities. 

Bootcamp - Bootcamp is a team-based program combining old and new school training techniques to keep you engaged and motivated until the end.

Booty Bootcamp - A lower body strength-training classes designed to target not only your booty, but all leg muscles & core. This class keeps strength training fun by incorporating all types of exercises, including free weights, bodyweight and band work. Be ready to break a sweat with some of the best booty beats and moves.

Boxfit - This class is a high intensity boxing style class incorporating boxing and cardio into one fun packed class.

Calisthenics - A class aimed at improving your strength, fitness and flexibility using a variety of movements.

Cardio Blitz (HIIT) - High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is a form of training alternating short bursts of intense exercise, with periods of recovery. This is a cardiovascular exercise strategy used to promote fat loss & improve moods.

Fit Happens - A dynamic class that combines a variety of weights, cardio & core training for a total body workout. A great supportive environment to mix up your week with something different that will improve your fitness and fat loss.

Pilates - Pilates offers a low impact exercise method through the means of flexibility, muscular endurance and strengthening movements with an emphasis on postural alignment and muscular balance.

Les Mills Pump - A full body weight-based class choreographed to music. Designed to burn high amounts of calories and improving overall strength.

Strong Nation - A high-intensity, total-body workout. This class combines body weight, muscle conditioning, cardio and plyometric training moves synced to original music specifically designed to match every single move. Think high knees, burpees and jumping jacks interchanged with moves like lunges, squats and kickboxing. 

TGIF - Anything goes on a Friday night! No week will ever be the same. Not sure what you want on your Friday workout? Roll the dice and have fun with a mystery class each week. 

TNT (Tighten & Tone) - A circuit class that will work your entire body. Equipment & body weight exercises utilised to ‘tighten & tone’ your body from head to toe.

Vets - A series of activities designed for our veterans to enjoy together. For veterans only.

Yoga - This class will challenge you to work on any imbalances you may have. It aims to strengthen weak muscle, and lengthen tight ones, whilst simultaneously improving balance and focus.

Zumba Gold - It's perfect for active older adults, beginners and people with injuries or disabilities who are looking for a modified Zumba class that recreates the original moves at a low intensity, focusing on balance, range of motion and coordination. 


* Please note that classes are subject to change at short notice due to instructor availability. 


Class safety

Remember to wear clothes that are comfortable and either aerobic or cross-training shoes. Please bring a towel and water bottle. Drink plenty of water and arrive 10 minutes before the start of the class to ensure you are properly warmed up for the class. Always inform the instructor before class begins if you are new to the type of class or have any health problems or concerns.

Adult Learn to Swim – Starting 16 May 2022

Our Adult Learn to Swim lessons are targeted at swimmers wanting to Learn how to Swim or improve on previously learn skills. 

Classes run over a 4-week block with a 45-minute time frame per class.

When: Starting 16 May 2022, Mondays – 4.00pm, 4.45pm or 5.30pm

Where: Milne Bay Aquatic and Fitness and Centre

Who: Adult (16+) – Beginner & Intermediate

Cost: $40 upfront for 4 weeks

Bookings: Booking Required. Limited Spaces Available.

For further information or to book please see our lovely reception staff, contact the centre on 4688 6330 or email

Child and Parent Water Awareness and Learn to Swim Program – Starting 17 May 2022

Join our qualified Learn to Swim Instructors in the water and get involved with your child’s learning in a fun, safe and engaging environment.

When: Starting 17 May 2022, Tuesday & Thursday Afternoons: 3.45pm - 4.15pm or 4.15pm - 4.45pm

Where: Milne Bay Aquatic and Fitness and Centre

Who: Parent/Guardians & Children Ages 3 – 6 years (or beginners 7 – 8 years)

Cost: $40 for 4 weeks (1 Adult & 1 Child)

Bookings: Bookings Required

For further information or to book please see our lovely reception staff, contact the centre on 4688 6330 or email

40 Classes Group Fitness Challenge

To welcome our new winter timetable we would like to challenge you to attend 40 classes in 8 weeks! Come along and have fun, try something new, get to know our trainers and create new friendships through classes.

When: Starting 23 May 2022 to 17 July 2022

Where: Milne Bay Aquatic and Fitness and Centre

Who: Open to all memberships – Full Centre, Wet Area and Group Fitness only Members

Prizes: Will include Personal Training Sessions, InBody Scans and Milne Bay Merchandise

Bookings: No bookings required. Please have a chat to our trainers or reception staff on how you can get involved. For any further information please contact the centre on 4688 6330 or email

Creche: Available Weekdays 8am – 11:30am

Terms & Conditions – 

  1. Only one (1) prize per person.
  2. Prizes will need to be redeemed within three (3) months of the challenge end date.
  3. Winners will be contacted in person and via email with details of their prize and how to redeem their prize.
  4. Classes MUST be signed off by instructor to count.
  5. Participants can join at any time during the challenge.

Biggest Morning Tea 

Our Wonderful member Jenny will be hosting a Biggest Morning Tea event this year, raising much needed funds to support those impacted by cancer. 

When: Wednesday 22 June, 2022 

Where: Milne Bay Aquatic and Fitness Centre 

Who: Open to all visitors - Gold coin entry for the class! 

Details: We will kick off the morning with an Aqua Zumba Class at 9am  followed by Morning tea at 10am. 

Donations can be made on the day via Cash only. Everyone is welcome to bring their own morning tea goodies to share. 

Creche available 8am-11:30am  

Bookings: No bookings required. Please have a chat to our trainers or reception staff on how you can get involved. For any further information please contact the centre on 4688 6330 or email

Child and Parent School Holiday – Water Safety Program

Our Wonderful member Jenny will be hosting a Biggest Morning Tea event this year, raising much needed funds to support those impacted by cancer. 

When: Monday 4, Wednesday 6 & Friday 8 July 2022 

Where: Milne Bay Aquatic and Fitness Centre 

Who: Parent/Guardians & Children 3+  

Time: Intermediate: 9.00am – 9.45am, Beginner: 10.00am – 10.45am 

Requirements: Beginner 3+, Intermediate: Can swim 25 metres     

Cost: $30 for 3 Days 

Bookings: Bookings Required. 

Creche Available 8.30am – 11.30am for additional children 

For further information or to book please contact 4688 6330 or email

Personal Training

f you are trying to increase your fitness activity, want to know more about what you can do in the gym and unsure where to start, the Milne Bay team of certified professionals can help.

Book an appointment with a trainer to work with you for a personalised workout to suit your experience, ability, limitations and physical fitness goals. If you’re not ready to take on a trainer by yourself, grab some friends and try a small group training session together. 

Available for members only 

Individual Personal Training – 30 minutes $40 per session 

Small Group Training (Up to 4 members) $65 per session


Whether you want to learn to swim, need some help with stroke correction, or are after some private lessons, we offer adult swimming lessons for all levels at Milne Bay Aquatic and Fitness Centre.


Water awareness - parent and infant classes 

Our classes teach the importance of water awareness to parents, guardians and infants, in a fun, safe and engaging environment.
Starting at 9.00am until 11.00am, jump in at any time and be guided through our circuits by our qualified Learn to Swim instructors.

Who: Parents and guardians of infants aged 6 months - 3 years (1 parent or guardian to 1 child).  

Date: Starting 8 February 2022, Tuesday and Thursday mornings 

Time: 9.00am - 11.00am

Where: Milne Bay Aquatic and Fitness Centre, Program Pool 

Cost: $5 per class

Bookings: Bookings are not required. See reception staff on the day to enrol. 

For further information please contact us on 4688 6330. 


Term 3 Bookings Now Open!

11 July – 15 September, 2022

  • Beginner classes 
  • Intermediate classes 
  • Stroke development
  • Stroke correction 
  • SwimFit 
  • Adult Learn to Swim  
  • Private Lessons 

Mornings Available: Monday & Thursday 

Afternoons Available: Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday 

For further information or to book please call 4688 6330 during business hours or email 


Milne Bay now has an InBody composition analysis machine which can provide a detailed description and print out of skeletal muscle mass, body fat in kilograms, total body fat percentage, visceral fat, total body water, segmental muscle and fat analysis, bone mineral content and also basal metabolic rate. The scan only takes 15-20 minutes and is completed fully clothed.

This can help in monitoring fitness goals, weight loss, and weight gain.


  • MBAC/HFR members: scan included with full centre memberships
  • Non-members and all membership types except full centre memberships: $35 per scan

How to book

Please contact staff at the centre on 4688 6330 or send us an email to book an appointment for your scan.

rsz img in body scannerrsz img in body scanner 1 


There are many benefits to hydrotherapy. It can decrease pain and swelling, increase function, strength, and range of movement. The hydrotherapy pool water temperature is maintained between 33 degrees and 34.5 degrees. It has been shown to improve mood and sleep in some, fitness and weight loss in others. The hydrotherapy pool at Milne Bay is a unique service and users must complete a disclaimer form prior to using it.

Specific times are allocated to groups to accommodate the high need. Bookings are required. Please contact us on 4688 6330 to book.

The creche is open from 8am to 11.30am Monday to Friday and is available for your child/children to play in a safe and friendly environment while fully supervised by qualified staff. Bookings are essential as places are limited. Contact Milne Bay Aquatic Centre on 4688 6330 for more information or to book. Creche fees can be found in the Milne Bay Aquatic and Fitness Centre fees and charges.

The creche is closed public holidays and for two weeks over Christmas.  

creche 1

creche 2

Children’s parties will return soon.

Inflatables and slide may not be available for use in some instances.

Milne Bay Aquatic and Fitness Centre can provide a range of exercise options for your school, club or group including dedicated lanes, to a casual group session using one or both of our leisure pools. Our most popular options are our end-of-year celebration options, school excursion groups, casual group entry and children's parties.  

Adventure city for end-of-year school excursions

Our end-of-year celebration activity involves a two-hour session of aqua fun and action dedicated only to school groups during November and December each year. Students can enjoy a range of activities including  swimming in the outdoor 50-metre pool and wrestling the giant inflatable, all whilst being supervised by our qualified Lifeguards. The program is suitable for years 3 - 12, for students with competent swimming abilities. The minimum group size is 25.

Included in these activity options are:

  • lifeguard to meet and greet your group
  • lifeguard supervision
  • activities and equipment
  • complimentary admission for teachers/supervising adults (one adult per 10 children).

How to book

1. To book, simply fill in the Pools - School end of year and fun program booking form Milne Bay Aquatic and Fitness Centre (online).

2. Read the Milne Bay Aquatic Centre - Risk assessment for school excursions.


Casual group entry

The other option for your school group or club is for general entry to the aqua area, where they can explore the options and create their own fun. To book a casual group entry contact the centre on 4688 6330 or email us


School end of year fun program venue and safety information

Before booking, the following information needs to be read. A PDF print version is available here: Pools - School end of year and fun program venue and safety handbook.

Teacher/carer to student ratio

The following teacher supervision ratios are required for students/schools when visiting Milne Bay Aquatic and Fitness Centre.

  • standard (1:30). 1 teacher to 30 students.

There are exceptions to this ratio in the case of:

  • students with special needs who need full-time carers present with them.
  • a large amount of non-proficient or non-swimmers within a school group. Students who are non-proficient or non-swimmers must be accompanied by teachers for the course of the visit.

MBAC lifeguard supervision

The lifeguard supervision ratio is adjusted according to the standard of behaviour and standard of swimming displayed by the students. Normal operating procedure ratios are approximate:

  • (1:100) 1 lifeguard to 100 students swimming.
  • (1:40) 1 lifeguard to 40 students when the waves are on in the 25m pool.

Centre capacity whilst schools are visiting

The maximum capacity of visitors to MBAC when schools are attending is 600.

Equipment requirements

approved swimwearStudent and staff are advised to bring the minimum following personal items whilst visiting MBAC (see our swimwear policy information below).

  • proper swimming attire including rash top
  • sunscreen (not zinc)
  • towels
  • personal medications.

MBAC staff supervision

All lifeguards have successfully achieved Queensland Royal Life Pool lifeguard qualification, CPR training, oxygen resuscitation and defibrillation training, bronze medallion and apply first aid certificates. Lifeguards hold blue cards as defined by the Commission for Children and Young People Act 1998 and have undergone a criminal check.

Keep Watch policy 

Milne Bay Aquatic and Fitness Centre has adopted the Royal Lifesaving Keep Watch Policy:

  • Children (under 14 years) are not allowed entry unless under the active supervision of a person 18 years or older.
  • Parents and guardians should actively supervise their children at all times and be dressed ready to enter a pool. For 0–5 year olds and non-swimmers, a parent or guardian needs to be in the water at all times and within arms' reach of the child. It is best if you are engaging with your child i.e. playing with them, talking to them.
  • Constant active supervision is required for children aged 6–10 years old. Parents and carers must be prepared to enter the water with this age group.
  • For 11–14 year olds it is recommended that parents regularly check on their child by physically going to where they are in or around the water.

Active supervision at public pools consists of four key elements:

  • Be prepared: Ensure you have everything you need before getting into the water, such as towels and dry clothes.
  • Be close: Always be within arms' reach of your child.
  • All of your attention: Focus all of your attention on your child and get into the pool and talk and play with them.
  • All of the Time: You should never leave your child alone in the water, nor should they be left in the care of an older child or with the assumption that your responsibility diminishes due to the presence of lifeguards.

Safety rules and how to play safe

As a visitor to MBAC you must:

  • obey all safety instructions given by the operator or lifeguard
  • follow all safety signage and displayed rules
  • not engage in any unsafe or unauthorised activities that might endanger the health and safety of themselves, or any other person at MBAC, including reckless behaviour
  • not deliberately damage, disable or deface any equipment, signage or device
  • not run. 

First aid and evacuation guidelines 

Milne Bay Aquatic and Fitness Centre is committed to providing a safe environment for staff and visitors utilising the facilities. 

The first aid plan is to highlight and ensure there is sufficient coverage on the premises to respond to all first aid emergency issues for staff and visitors utilising the facilities. The first aid plan takes into consideration the operation carried out on the premises.

  • type of work performed
  • type of activities carried out
  • potential injuries/illnesses and likely causes
  • workplace hazards
  • injuries and illnesses that may occur.

In the event of any injury or illness, all lifeguards at MBAC will provide immediate first aid response. The lifeguards will also assess what further medical assistance is required.

MBAC is located on the corner of Herries and Victoria Streets Toowoomba. The nearest ambulance is 200m diagonally across the other side of Herries Street and the nearest hospital is Toowoomba Base Hospital which is approximately 2 km from the centre.

Location of first aid kits

Fully stocked first aid kits are readily accessible and located in the following areas

  1. First aid room
  2. Lifeguard console at front of house
  3. Lifeguard station at waterslide
  4. Café
  5. Gym
  6. Crèche

As well as the first aid kits, every lifeguard must wear a bum bag with essential first aid items. Inspection and replenishment of all first aid kits are undertaken as utilised and also on a weekly basis.

First aid room

A fully equipped first aid room is available and is located near the hydrotherapy pool. The lifeguards are in charge of operating and maintaining the first aid room. Lifeguards are required to inspect, replenish, clean the first aid room, including all first aid kits, pocket resuscitation masks, defibrillator, oxygen equipment and all rescue equipment in the centre on a daily and weekly basis. The first aid room is well lit, ventilated and maintained. Maintenance of the first aid room is conducted on a weekly basis with a checklist outlining the procedures. A checklist is also available for the weekly checking and restocking of first aid equipment.

Emergency rescue assistance equipment

Rescue equipment located in many areas of the centre includes:

  • Fire extinguishers
  • Hose reels
  • Fire blankets
  • Buoyancy and reaching aids
  • Throw ropes
  • Spinal boards
  • Resuscitation masks with one-way valves


One AED is located at the lifeguard console at the front of the Aquatic Centre, with provision for adults and children.

First aid emergency and evacuation procedures

In the event of an evacuation of the centre, all patrons and swimmers must obey the commands of the chief fire warden and the lifeguards.  The muster point is on the corner of Herries and Victoria Streets on the grass area. The first aid officer and lifeguards are responsible for providing primary care to any personnel suffering from injuries prior to the arrival of the appropriate emergency service.

Duties of the first aid officer

On becoming aware of an emergency, the first aid officer must:

  • obtain a portable first aid kit and report to the floor area warden
  • attend to any injured personnel
  • carry out duties as requested by the chief warden or the area warden
  • when evacuating, report to the assembly area with the first aid kit and oxygen equipment and be prepared to offer assistance where necessary.


All injuries will be documented by the lifeguards on a MBAC first aid injury form and also on a Council non-employee incident form. All forms are inspected, signed off by the manager and emailed to Council's safety department.

2022 School swimming carnivals

The 50 metre pool will be closed to the public from 8am - 3pm on school carnival days. 


Wednesday, 9 February 

Friday, 11 February

Monday, 14 February

Wednesday, 16 February

Wednesday, 23 February

Thursday, 24 February 


Thursday, 3 March

Friday, 4 March

Saturday, 5 March - DDRSA. Closed all day

Sunday, 6 March - DDRSA. Closed until 2pm

Friday, 18 March

Tuesday, 22 March

Last updated: 1 February 2022. These dates are subject to change. 

Booking the Aquatic Centre for a swimming carnival

Milne Bay Aquatic and Fitness Centre is perfectly set up for swimming carnivals and swimming trials.

Several factors are considered prior to conducting major events. These include:

  1. Interruption to facility use by MBAC members. General guidelines have been developed to reduce the impact of major events on members of MBAC and the general community utilising MBAC.
  2. Disruption to local businesses. General guidelines have also been developed to reduce the impact of major events on local businesses. Cooperation, planning and effective communication are key elements to successful major events. MBAC’s Aquatic Team Leader is available to assist in planning your event. 

How to book

  1. Before booking MBAC for a swimming carnival or swimming trials, please read the following information below or print out the Swimming carnival guide for schools and clubs (PDF).
  2. Fill in and submit the Pools - School or club swimming carnival booking form (online)
  3. View our Risk assessment for school swimming carnivals.


Swimming carnival guide for schools and clubs

Available facilities

The following facilities are included for use:

  • 8 lane, 50 metre outdoor heated pool
  • Shaded, grassed area to the north of the pool
  • Grandstand  
  • Outdoor change rooms/toilet facilities. Change room congestion is greatly reduced when students wear their swimwear to the centre.

Fees and charges

Fees can be found in the Milne Bay Aquatic and Fitness Centre fees and charges. All swimmers/ competitors (and spectators/parents if requested) will be counted and an invoice will be issued upon confirmation of competitor numbers of carnival. Teachers and officials will not be charged.


The centre provides the following equipment for school carnival use:

  • 20 chairs
  • 10 tables
  • PA System
  • galse start rope
  • Lifeguard (s)
  • starting blocks.

No other equipment is available.

Electrical equipment

Permission to use any electrical equipment other than that supplied by the venue must be requested to centre management when submitting carnival application Any electrical equipment permitted must be safety tagged by a qualified electrician and approved by the centre management (as per the industry standard for use of electrical equipment).

Public address system

The public address system is provided for marshalling and general announcement purposes. The busy carnival season at MBAC creates some hardship for businesses. Minimal use of the PA system assists in alleviating the distress of our neighbours.

Public liability

The user group shall provide public liability insurance to the value of $10 000 000. The hirer must provide the centre with a copy of this insurance note when submitting the booking form.

Entry & exit to the pool

The indoor facilities at MBAC are out of bounds and not included in the carnival booking. School entry and exit to the centre is via the double gates into Victoria Street. The teacher in charge is requested to ask at reception for the aquatics team leader, who will liaise with school staff throughout the carnival.

Area restrictions

Students are not permitted to use or congregate indoors. This area is designated out of bounds. Students are restricted to outdoor facilities. It is anticipated that the school’s duty roster will make provision for the posting of teachers at each entry door to MBAC’s indoor facilities to supervise this restriction.

General public

The outdoor area is closed to the general public up to an hour prior to the Carnival and up to an hour post carnival.


It is the responsibility of the school to ensure that all students are required to leave the centre at the completion of the carnival and exit via the side gates. Students may not be dismissed from school activities within the perimeter confines of the centre. This requirement includes students dismissed into a parent’s care. Students wishing to re-enter the centre will be required to pay the standard entry fee. 

Student code of conduct

We realise that ‘out of school days’ create an atmosphere of excitement and freedom from the general daily routine. The behaviour and demeanour of students are expected to be respectful of the fact that MBAC is a community activity facility. Centre members, other school groups, parents with young children and older adults will be using the centre at the same time as the school. Students are expected to observe and abide by the safety rules and restrictions in place.

School staff

School staff will be required for a variety of roles throughout the day. These will include:


A roster of duty teachers to ensure restricted areas are maintained and safety guidelines are observed. A duty roster should include:

  • Regular checks of the indoor area (pools, pool decks, change rooms, café).
  • Close supervision of students if they are required to enter the main building.
  • Close supervision of lawn areas, including regular checks behind the water slide and outdoor change rooms.
  • Administering first aid as required. The user group must have at least one First Aid Officer present with relevant qualifications.


A minimum of two school staff members will be required for marshalling duties for all events. The area adjacent to the pool concourse (at the deep end) is reserved for marshalling. 

Event officials

  • Announcer: to use the public address system to call students for marshalling to events.
  • Starter: to operate the starting hooter for events.
  • Timekeepers: To time students competing in each event. At least one person will be required per student in each event.
  • Recorders: To record place getters for each event. At least one person for the first four placegetters in each event.

Swimming attire

All swimmers/ competitors must wear appropriate swimming attire; this includes nylon, lycra materials and excludes cotton, denim, and polyester. A swimmer/ competitor found not wearing appropriate swimwear will be asked to exit the water. Crepe paper and or body paint are NOT to be brought into the centre.

Free time / free swimming / recreational swimming

Under NO circumstances is ‘free swimming’, ‘free pool play’ or recreational swimming permitted. The facility is hired for the specific purpose of conducting competitive swimming events where the maximum number of students in the pool at any one time is 8. Free swimming, free playtime or recreational swimming is unstructured and difficult to supervise in a hazardous environment and is deemed detrimental to safe risk management strategies.

Full cooperation with this policy is anticipated. A failure to cooperate may result in the school being asked to cease all activity or result in restrictions being placed on the day’s events

Refreshments and food

The café at MBAC offers a range of food and refreshments to teachers and students. When placing your booking please advise if students will be permitted to purchase from the Cafe. This will enable the café coordinator to roster extra staff for your event. 

The sale of food by the school is strictly prohibited. Prior approval for fundraising activities such as raffles, sausage sizzles and display of advertising materials must be gained at the time of booking.

Disposal of litter

Ample rubbish bins will be in place during the busy carnival season. The grounds and facilities at MBAC will be clean and ready for use. We request that schools take time prior to departure to ensure all litter and rubbish is placed in the bins provided.

Any damage to any part of the centre by any person belonging to the user group will be the responsibility of the user group. If at any time the centre is left in a damaged condition then the user group will be responsible for the payment of a repairers charge. This fee is payable within 7 working days of the issue of the invoice.

Incident and hazard reporting

Incidents and or hazards that occur within the hired facility must be reported to management as soon as practicable on the day by either the hirer or user. MBAC will provide the necessary forms.


Alcohol is not permitted within or on any of the facility or with the grounds of MBAC.

Emergency evacuation plan from the 50m pool

The evacuation alarm sound is 'whoop, whoop, whoop'.

Upon the sounding of the evacuation, or upon the direction or wardens, all personnel within the building will be required to:

  • cease all activities immediately and shut-down any equipment.
  • gather any personal belongings in close proximity and evacuate via the nearest emergency exit.
  • respond to all directions given by the wardens.
  • move to the assembly area immediately.
  • remain in the assembly area until given further in instructions.

MBAC evacuation sign and diagram

The inflatable is currently unavailable whilst repairs take place.

We thank you for your patience and understanding whilst this work is carried out.

To view opening hours and prices for the centre, visit

The inflatable course that operates is dependent on the age group of the patrons. This may change throughout the day. The operation is also dependent on weather conditions and lifeguard availability.    

dual racer








Bookings are required.  Please contact us on 4688 6330 to book.