Family fishing at Lake Cressbrook

This place should be on your activity hot spot list. Lake Cressbrook offers many activities: boating, rowing, fishing, bush walking, sailing, camping, picnicking, kayaking and canoeing to name just a few.

Check online if the lake is open or closed.



Lake Cressbrook is a leisurely 50km drive from Toowoomba, and about 15 minutes drive from Crows Nest. It's easily accessible from the New England Highway via Pechey or Crows Nest or from the Esk-Hampton Road near Ravensbourne.


Open hours 

The day use area is open from 6am to 8pm (September to April) and from 7am to 6pm (May to August). Water-based activities are not permitted outside these hours (campers included).



The campground is located on the shores of the lake to the west of the day use area and boat ramps. Turn left immediately after passing through the main entry.

There are more than 30 unpowered campsites at Lake Cressbrook - six of these are available for campers, vans and caravans. All have access to bathroom amenities and barbecue facilities. Electricity is available at the camp kitchen. Generators are not permitted. 

Bookings are not taken but self-registration is required on entry. This includes completion of the registration form/envelope which can be found at the information booth upon entry. Please enclose the correct camping fees within the envelope as change is not available.

Camping fees:

  • Private (individual/couple/family etc.) $20 per night per campsite (A family is 2 adults and any number of children under 18).
  • Incorporated Group (community/education/youth/church etc.) $5 per person per night.

A limit of 14 consecutive nights of camping applies.


  • numbered campsites for tent areas with a variety of shade and sunny sites - many sites have shrub privacy borders
  • caravan and motor home areas
  • camp kitchen with tables, BBQ and sink
  • rubbish bins
  • toilet and shower block (hot and cold showers available)
  • access to lake from the campground for paddle craft (canoes) only with a sealed boat ramp located in the day-use area approximately less than 1km away
  • regular patrols by staff.

Cressbrook is a water supply dam so swimming is not permitted.

Please note that firewood is not available on-site, either for sale or by collection. All firewood for use at your campsite is strictly bring your own.

Alcohol is not permitted at this location. No domestic animals are allowed as the area is a nominated flora and fauna reserve.


Walking trail

Information about the Lake Cressbrook Walk can be found in the Lake Cressbrook park article.


Boat ramps

Boat ramps are located close to the entrance to Lake Cressbrook near the main recreational area, just drive straight ahead after passing through the boom gates. Outboard motors are permitted on Lake Cressbrook, however, under Local Law, boat speeds must be confined to 4 knots (7.25kms per hour) inshore and 8 knots (14.5kms per hour) offshore. This is to ensure the safety of other users of the lake and to ensure that sediment from the wave action is not washed into Toowoomba region’s water supply.

Boating, canoeing and sailing are all permitted on Lake Cressbrook. Swimming is prohibited. If you intend to fish, don’t forget that fishing requires a Stocked Impoundment Permit. This is a State Government Permit, the fees from which are used to stock included dams with fingerlings.

Fishing permits are available online at the Department Of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry or from most tackle outlets. There are many types of fish that can be caught in Lake Cressbrook. Bag limits, which are limits set by the Queensland Government regarding the number of a species of fish that a person may have in their possession, apply also at Lake Cressbrook. Refer to Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry for most up to date information relating to bag limits.

As the lake is a flora and fauna reserve, domestic animals are not permitted so please leave your pets at home.