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The Crows Nest Community Nursery helps to support native wildlife by propagating indigenous trees, shrubs and ground cover plants that occur naturally within, and beyond, our regional boundaries. If you want to encourage birds, bees and butterflies to visit your garden, property or re-vegetation site, we have lots of plants for you to choose from to attract them. Our local native plants are essential for the survival and well-being of our native animals who rely on them for food and shelter.

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The Crows Nest Community Nursery is open each Thursday between 8.30am and 1pm with two open days also held each year - one in spring and the other in autumn.


The nursery is located on Depot Road, Crows Nest. View Google map.

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If you have any questions, please contact us.

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EFTPOS is available.

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The nursery welcomes volunteers to join the team. Read more about volunteer opportunities here.

The stocklist below was updated in December 2021.


  • Native tubes $3
  • 90mm tubes $6

Codes for table below:

B = butterfly host

E = edible (bush tucker)

F = fire retardant (i.e. may resist first wave of a bushfire, but will burn if fire is prolonged or garden is high in dry fuel)

H = high honey yield for beekeeping

K= koala food tree

S = screening plant

W = suitable as a windbreak

Scientific name

Common name

In stock


Acacia amblygona FAN WATTLE 9  
Acacia brachycarpa WATTLE, PRICKLY 4  
Acacia caroleae CAROL’S WATTLE 10  
Acacia concurrens CURRACABH 7  
Acacia conferta CROWDED LEAF WATTLE 31  
Acacia complanata DONKEYS EARS WATTLE    
Acacia deanei DEANE’S WATTLE 36 W
Acacia decora WATTLE, PRETTY 20  
Acacia disparrima BROWN SALWOOD (WATTLE) 5  
Acacia falcata WATTLE SILVER SICKLE 5  
Acacia fimbriata WATTLE, BRISBANE 65 E, F, W
Acacia granitica WATTLE, GRANITE 6  
Acacia harpophylla BRIGALOW 2  
Acacia hispidula  ROUGH LEAFED WATTLE 8  
Acacia implexa LIGHTWOOD 7  
Acacia irrorate WATTLE, GREEN 3  
Acacia ixiophylla WATTLE, UMBRELLA 43  
Acacia jucunda WATTLE, YETMAN 12  
Acacia juncifolia  WATTLE, RUSHED LEAF WATTLE 14  
Acacia leichhardtii WATTLE, LEICHHARDTII 26  
Acacia leiocalyx WATTLE, EARLY BLACK 13  
Acacia loroloba WATTLE, MA MA CREEK 9  
Acacia melanoxylon BLACKWOOD 8  
Acacia neriifolia  WATTLE OLEANDER-LEAF 41  
Acacia pendula  WEEPING MYALL 9  
Acacia podalyriifolia WATTLE, QUEENSLAND SILVER 21  
Acacia quadrilatualis WATTLE, SQUARE NEEDLE 11  
Acacia resinicostata (Rare) WATTLE, RESIN 14  
Acacia salicina WATTLE, BLACK SALLY 3 F, S, W
Acacia semilunata WATTLE, HALF MOON 12  
Acacia sertiformis  WATTLE, GOLDEN WREATH 16  
Acacia stenophylla RIVER COOBA 6  
Acacia suaveolens WATTLE, SWEET    
Acacia uilicifolia WATTLE, JUNIPER 49  
Acacia venulosa WATTLE, VEINY 56  
Acacia victoriae GUNDABLUIE (WATTLE)   E
Acacia viscidula WATTLE, GUNDABLUIE 90  
Acmena smithii (Syzygium smithii) LILLYPILLY, COMMON 21  
Acronychia laevis ACRONYCHIA, GLOSSY   S
Afrohybanthus stellarioides (was Hybanthus stellarioides) ORANGE SPADE FLOWER 2  
Alchornea ilicifolia DOVEWOOD, HOLLY  16+6L B, S
Alectryon connatus BIRDS EYE TREE    
Alectryon subdentatu BIRDS EYE HOLLY LEAFED 1  
Allocasuarina inophloia SHE OAK, THREADY BARK 4  
Allocasuarina littoralis SHE OAK, BLACK  70 W
Allocasuarina luehmannii BULL OAK   W
Allocasuarina torulosa SHE OAK, FOREST  95  
Alphananthe philippensis NATIVE ELM    
Alphitonia excelsa ASH, SOAP    B, 
Alyxia ruscifolia CHAIN FRUIT    
Ancistrachne uncinulata HOOKY GRASS 2  
Aneilema acuminatum NATIVE WANDERING JEW    
Angophora floribunda APPLEGUM, ROUGH BARKED    
Angophora leiocarpa APPLEGUM, RUSTY 25  
Angophora subvelutina APPLEGUM, BROAD LEAFED     
Araucaria bidwilii BUNYA    
Araucaria cunninghamii PINE, HOOP   W
Archontophoenix cunninghamiana PALM, PICCABEEN    
Atalaya salicifolia BRUSH WHITEWOOD    
Atriplex muelleri MUELLERS' SALTBUSH 13  
Auranticarpa rhombifolia HOLLYWOOD, GOLDEN  15 S
Austrostipa ramosissima STOUT BAMBOO GRASS    
Austrostipa verticillata SLENDER BAMBOO GRASS    
Backhousia angustifolia CURRY MYRTLE    
Baloghia inophylla BRUSH BLOODWOOD    
Banksia integrifolia  BANKSIA, TREE    E
Banksia oblongifolia BANKSIA, FERN LEAFED  5 E
Banksia spinulosa var. collina BANKSIA, HAIR PIN 2 E, H
Bothriochloa erianthoides SATIN TOP GRASS    
Brachychiton bidwillii (Not local Native) KURRAJONG, RUSTY  1 B, E
Brachychiton discolor LACEBARK 78 B, E
Brachychiton populneus KURRAJONG 31 B, E, F, W 
Brachychiton rupestris BOTTLE TREE 41 B, E 
Brachyscome microcarpa FOREST DAISY 30  
Brachyscome paludicola   50  
Breynia oblongifolia BREYNIA 19 B, F 
Bridelia exaltata IRONBARK, BRUSH    
Bridelia leichhardtii IRONBARK, LEICHHARDT’S    
Bursaria incana BURSARIA, FROSTY 8  
Bursaria spinosa BURSARIA, SWEET 10  
Callicarpa pedunculata VELVET BEAUTY BERRY 10  
Callitris baileyi BAILEY’S CYPRESS 7 S, W
Callitris glaucophylla WHITE CYPRESS   S, W
Calotis cuneifolia WHITE BURR DAISY 2  
Calotis dentex DAISY, TALL WHITE    
Capparis aborea CAPER TREE    
Capparis mitchellii CAPER TREE, MITCHELL'S   B, E
Capparis sarmentosa  CAPER, SCRAMBLING    
Carissa ovata KUNKERBERRY 24 B, E
Casearia multinervosa CASEARIA    
Cassinia laevis COUGH BUSH 56  
Castanospermum australe BEAN, BLACK  5L  
Casuarina cristata BELAH 6 W
Casuarina cunninghamiana SHE OAK, RIVER  2 W
Celastrus australis RAINFOREST STAFF VINE    
Chrysocephalum apiculatum YELLOW BUTTONS 38  
Cissus antarctica KANGAROO VINE 5  
Citrus australis ROUND LIME 7 E
Claoxylon australe BRITTLEWOOD    
Clematis glycinoides OLD MAN'S BEARD    
Clerodendrum tomentosum HAIRY LOLLY BUSH 33+2L  
Codonocarpus attenuatus BELLFRUIT    
Codonocarpus attenuatus BELLFRUIT    
Cordyline petiolaris PALM LILY, LARGE LEAFED 46 E
Cordyline stricta PALM LILY, NARROW-LEAVED 1  
Corondium oxylepum PORCUPINE DAISY 5  
Corymbia citriodora  LEMON SCENTED GUM 6  
Corymbia citriodora subsp. variegata (was Eucalyptus maculata) GUM, SPOTTED 24  
Corymbia intermedia  BLOODWOOD PINK 70  
Corymbia tessellaris MORETON BAY ASH 2  
Corymbia trachyphloia BLOODWOOD, BROWN 4  
Crinum flaccidum   23  
Crotalaria mitchellii MITCHELL'S RATTLEPOD 11  
Croton insularis CROTON, SILVER     
Cryptocarya glaucescens JACKWOOD 1L B
Cryptocarya microneura MURROGUN  
Cullen patens BULLAMON LUCERNE 6  
Cullen tenax EMU FOOT 51 B
Cupaniopsis parvifolia TUCKEROO, SMALL LEAF  30 S
Daviesia mimosioides PRETTY BITTER-PEA 20  
Deeringia amaranthoides DEERINGIA 29  
Denhamia bilocularis (was Maytenus bilocularis) ORANGEBARK, HEDGE  15 S
Denhamia disperma ORANGE BOXWOOD    
Denhamia pittosporoides VEINY DENHAMIA    
Dianella brevipedunculata FLAX LILY, SHORT STEMMED   
Dianella caerulea var. assera DIANELLA, SPRAWLING   F
Dianella revoluta FLAX LILY, BLACK ANTHER    
Digitaria porecta       
Diospyros australis PLUM EBONY 44  
Diospyros humilis SMALL LEAFED EBONY    
Dodonaea biloba HOPBUSH, PROSTRATE 42  
Dodonaea sinuolata HOPBUSH, THREADY- LEAFED    
Dodonaea tenuifolia HOPBUSH, FERN-LEAFED 7  
Dodonaea triangularis HOPBUSH, TRIANGLE LEAFED    
Dodonaea triquetra HOPBUSH, FOREST 65  
Dodonaea viscosa subsp burmanniana HOPBUSH, BURMANN’S    
Dodonaea viscosa subsp angustifolia HOPBUSH, NARROW LEAFED 164  
Doryanthes palmeri LILY, SPEAR 27 E
Drypetes deplanchei YELLOW TULIPWOOD    
Hernandia bivalvis GREASE NUT TREE+    
Dysoxylum fraserianum ROSEWOOD    
Ehretia acuminata KODA 5  
Ehretia membranifolia KODA THIN LEAFED 1L  
Einadia hastata SALTBUSH, RED BERRY 1L  
Einadia nutans (yellow-fruited) SALTBUSH, NODDING 40 B, E, F 
Elaeocarpus obovatus HARD QUANDONG    
Elaeocarpus reticulatus BLUEBERRY ASH    
Elaeodendron australe var. integrifolium OLIVE PLUM, RED FRUITED narrow-leafed variety   F
Elaeodendron australe var. australe OLIVE PLUM, RED FRUITED broad-leafed variety   F
Elattostachys xylocarpa WHITE BEETROOT TREE 1L S
Emenospermum alphitonioides YELLOW ASH    
Enchylaena tomentosa SALTBUSH, RUBY 24  
Eremophila debilis DEVIL'S MARBLES 85  
Eremophila mitchellii (Warning: Poisonous to stock) BUDDA    
Erythrina vespertilo BATWING CORAL TREE    
Eucalyptus albens WHITE BOX    
Eucalyptus amplifolia GUM, CABBAGE 35  
Eucalyptus argophloia CHINCHILLA WHITE GUM 12  
Eucalyptus biturbinata GUM, LARGE FRUITED GREY 3  
Eucalyptus camaldulensis GUM, RIVER RED 26  
Eucalyptus conica BOX, FUZZY  46  
Eucalyptus crebra IRONBARK, NARROW LEAFED   H, W
Eucalyptus curtisii PLUNKETT MALLEE    
Eucalyptus fibrosa IRONBARK, GREY 4  
Eucalyptus eugenioides  STRINGYBARK, THIN LEAFED 3  
Eucalyptus infera MALLEE, DURIKAI 2  
Eucalyptus major GUM, MOUNTAIN GREY 4  
Eucalyptus melanophloia IRONBARK, SILVER LEAFED 55  
Eucalyptus melliodora BOX, YELLOW 13 H, W
Eucalyptus microcorys TALLOWWOOD   K,
Eucalyptus moluccana BOX, GUM TOPPED  14 H, K, W
Eucalyptus montivaga BLACKBUTT, TOOWOOMBA 25  
Eucalyptus nobilis (was viminalis) GUM, MANNA    
Eucalyptus orgadophila COOLIBAH, MOUNTAIN  11 K, W
Eucalyptus pilularis BLACKBUTT    
Eucalyptus populneus BOX, BIMBIL  131  
Eucalyprus propinqua SMALL FRUITED GREY GUM 8  
Eucalyptus resinifera STRINGYBARK RED 17  
Eucalyptus saligna SYDNEY BLUE GUM 3  
Eucalyptus siderophloia IRONBARK, GREY 1  
Eucalyptus taurine IRONBARK, HELIDON 40  
Eucalyptus tereticornis GUM, FOREST RED    K, W
Euroschinus falcatus RIBBONWOOD 1  
Eustrephus latifolius WOMBAT BERRY 26  
Everistia vaccinifolia EVERISTIA    
Ficus coronata FIG, SANDPAPER 45  
Ficus macrophylla FIG, MORETON BAY   B, F 
Ficus rubiginosa FIG, SCRUB    B, F, W
Flindersia australis ASH, CROWS 1+1L B, W
Flindersia collina ASH, LEOPARD 16
Flindersia xanthoxyla LONG JACK 9
Geijera parviflora COMMON WILGA    
Geijera salicifolia WILGA, SCRUB 24 B, W
Glochidion fernandi (Not local native) CHEESE TREE    
Gossia bidwillii PYTHON TREE    
Grevillea banksii shrub form (RED)   1  
Grevillea banksii shrub form (WHITE)      
Grevillea robusta OAK, SILKY  24 E, W
Guioa semiglauca GUIOA    F, W
Gynochthodes jasminoides MORINDA SWEET 2  
Hakea eriantha HAKEA, WOOLLY FLOWERED 31  
Hakea florulenta HAKEA, FINGER 8  
Hardenbergia violacea PURPLE WANDERER 5 B
Harpullia pendula TULIPWOOD    
Hibbertia scandens VINE, SNAKE 28  
Hibiscus heterophyllus (yellow) NATIVE HIBISCUS    
Homalanthus populifolius (Was Omalanthus nutans) BLEEDING HEART    
Hovea lanceolata HOVEA, LANCE LEAFED 33  
Hovea longipes BRUSH HOVEA    
Hovea lorata HOVEA, SMALL LEAFED 89  
Hoya australis   10  
Hymenosporum flavum FRANGIPANI, NATIVE   
Hypoestes floribunda  PRETTY WATTLE 2  
Indigofera australe . Pink form INDIGO, NATIVE 10  
Isotoma axillaris ISOTOME, BLUE 77  
Jacksonia scoparia DOGWOOD 10  
Jagera pseudorhus FOAMBARK    
Jasminum didymium subsp racemosum SLENDER JASMINE    
Jasminum lineare DESERT JASMINE    
Jasminum dianthifolium x J. simplicifolium subsp. australiense a natural hybrid    
Jasminum simplicifolium STIFF JASMINE    
Kennedia rubicunda  PEA, RED KENNEDY 2  
Kunzea flavescens KUNZEA, YELLOW Rare plant    
Laxmania gracilis   4  
Leiocarpa brevicompta PLOVER DAISY 29  
Leptospermum brachyandrum HARLEQUIN BARK TEA TREE    
Leptospermum polygalifolium TANTOON TEA TREE 54  
Leucopogon trichostylis DAPHNE BEARD HEATH    
Lomandra hystrix CREEK MATRUSH 60 B, E 
Lomandra longifolia LONG LEAF MATRUSH 133 B, E 
Lomatia silaifolia CRINKLE BUSH 27 F
Lophostemon confertus BOX, BRUSH  12 S, W
Lophostemon suavolens BOX,SWAMP 40  
Lythrum salicaria PURPLE LOOSESTRIFE 6  
Mallotus philippensis RED KAMALA    
Melaleuca bracteata TEA TREE, BLACK  22  
Melaleuca decora PAPERBARK, WHITE FEATHER 118  
Melaleuca densispicata PAPERBARK, MILES   S, W
Melaleuca lanceolata PAPERBARK DRYLAND 16  
Melaleuca linariifolia SNOW IN SUMMER 20  
Melaleuca quercina (Rare) OAKEY BOTTLEBRUSH 155 S, W
Melaleuca salicina (Callistemon salignus.) WILLOW BOTTLEBRUSH. 70 S, W
Melaleuca viminalis (Callistemon viminalis) BOTTLEBRUSH, WEEPING RED 24 S, W
Melia azedarach WHITE CEDAR    
Melicope micrococca DOUGHWOOD, WHITE     
Melodorum leichhardtii ZIG ZAG VINE   B, E
Mentha diemenica SLENDER NATIVE MINT 33  
Mirbelia speciosa subsp ringrosei MIRBELIA, SHOWY 1  
Monococcus echinophorus MONOCORRUS 35  
Murdannia graminea PURPLE GRASS LILY    
Myoporum montanum MOUNTAIN BOOBIALLA    
Myoporum parvifolium (Not local native) CREEPING BOOBIALLA 38  
Myrsine variabilis (was Rapanea variabilis) MUTTONWOOD 10+1L
Neolitsea australiensis BOLLYGUM, GREEN    
Neolitsea dealbata BOLLYGUM, WHITE    
Notelaea microcarpa SMALL FRUITED MOCK OLIVE  
Olearia canescens DAISY BUSH, GREY 1  
Olearia fulgens DAISY BUSH, STICKY 30+1L  
Owenia venosa APPLE, ROSE     
Ozothamnus diosmifolius RICE FLOWER 1  
Pandorea jasminoides WONGA VINE   S
Pandorea pandorana BOWER VINE   S
Parsonia lanceolate ROUGH SILKPOD 7  
Parsonsia straminea MONKEY ROPE   B
Peperomia blanda HAIRY PEPEROMIA 62  
Petalostigma pubescens QUININE TREE    
Petalostigma pachyphyllum QUIININE BUSH, HAIRY    
Petalostigma triloculare QUININE BUSH    
Petrophile canescens CONESTICKS    
Pittosporum angustifolium GUMBY GUMBY 175  
Pittosporum revolutum PITTOSPORUM, YELLOW  6  
Pittosporum undulatum SWEET PITTOSPORUM    
Pittosporum viscidum BIRDS NEST BUSH 12  
Planchonella australis   23  
Planchonella pohlmaniana YELLOW CONDOO    
Plectranthus insularis (very rare) MINGIMARNY COCKSPUR FLOWER 32  
Plumbago zeylanica GROUNDCOVER PLUMBAGO 29  
Podolepis neglecta COPPER WIRE DAISY 37  
Polymeria pusilla FAIRY TRUMPETS    
Polyscias elegans CELERYWOOD 24  
Psychotria loniceroides PSYCHOTRIA, HAIRY 18  
Psydrax buxifolium BOX-LEAVED CANTHIUM 7l  
Rhagodia parabolica FRAGRANT SALTBUSH 26  
Rhagodia spinescens SALTBUSH, HEDGE 42  
Rhaponticum australe AUSTRAL CORNFLOWER    
Rhodosphaera rhodanthema YELLOWWOOD, DEEP  23 F
Sannantha collina TWIGGY BAECKIA 9  
Santalum lanceolatum NORTHERN SANDLEWOOD 10  
Santalum obtusifolium SHRUB SANDALWOOD    
Scaevola albida FAIRY FAN FLOWER 35  
Senna acclinis SENNA, BRUSH 15 B, F, 
Senna artemisioides subsp. artemisioides (Not local native)  SENNA, SILVER   B, F, 
Senna artemisiodes subsp zygophylla NARROW LEAF DESERT SENNA    
Senna barclayana PEPPER-LEAVED SENNA    
Senna coronilloides SENNA, BRIGALOW 6 F, 
Siphonodon australis IVORYWOOD    
Sophora fraseri NECKLACE POD    
Spartothamnella juncea BROOM, SQUARE STEMMED     
Sterculia quadrifida  PEANUT TREE    
Streblus pendulinus WHALEBONE TREE 5  
Stylidium graminifolium GRASS TRIGGER PLANT 4  
Swainsona galegifolia PEA, SHRUB DARLING    
Swainsona queenslandica (Pink) QUEENSLAND DARLING PEA 11  
Syncarpia verecunda TURPENTINE, RAVENSBOURNE (rare) 15  
Synoum glandulosum (Not local native) SCENTLESS ROSEWOOD    
Syzygium australe LILLYPILLY, CREEK    
Themeda triandra   2  
Toona ciliata RED CEDAR 7  
Trachymene incisa LACE FLOWER 43  
Trema tomentosa (Warning: Poisonous to stock) PEACH, POISON 6  
Turraea pubescens NATIVE WITCH HAZEL 9  
Vitex lignum- vitae SATINWOOD   F, S 
Xanthorrhoea glauca GRASS TREE, BLUE LEAFED   E, 
Xanthorrhoea johnstoni  GRASSTREE, FOREST 5 E, 
Ziera smithii SANDFLY ZIERA    

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