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Toowoomba CBD - Kwong Sang Walk

Address: 526 Ruthven Street, Toowoomba QLD 4350

Kwong Sang Walk features large steel beams which have been retained from the former Sew Handy building. These beams symbolise the evolution of the site from building to urban open space and have been identified as being from Lanarkshire, Scotland.

Pavements, plantings, feature walls, sheltered seating areas, decorative and pedestrian safety lighting and changeable artworks feature along the urban laneway. The area serves as a passive outdoor space and potential venue site for community events.

With road frontage to Ruthven and Annand Streets, Kwong Sang Walk links Milne Bay Aquatic Centre, the civic precinct - including the Library and Civic Square - the existing Annand Street car park, the Empire Theatre and the former TAFE precinct.

In 2014, with public discussion, it was decided to name the laneway Kwong Sang Walk. The name pays tribute to the history of the Chinese community in Toowoomba, the contemporary multi-cultural aspect of the Region, and a significant family in Toowoomba's history.

Chinese immigrant Hock Sing established an imported Chinese goods store on 552 Ruthven Street in 1883 changing his and the store's name to Kwong Sang in 1901. From the 1920s, Hock Sing's son Tai Mun Sing, commonly known as Diamond Lum, operated the store. The store became a social and religious gathering point for the local Chinese community as it also housed a Chinese altar--which is now located with the Queensland Museum. In 1957, Diamond Lum opened the Cathay Café next to the Kwong Sang Store and this was Toowoomba's first Chinese Café. He later opened the New Cathay Café a little closer to the lane in the mid 1970s and it was closed in 1988.


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