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Toowoomba CBD - Laurel Bank Park

Address: Hill Street, Toowoomba QLD 4350

Laurel Bank Park is one of Toowoomba's premier parks and provides a majestic oasis close to the heart of town.

The park features:

  • manicured gardens
  • mature trees
  • a scented garden for the visually impaired
  • children's play equipment
  • barbecue and picnic areas
  • two croquet lawns.

It's a must-see destination during the Toowoomba Carnival of Flowers when the gardens are emblazoned with colour.

When visiting Laurel Bank Park, take your time to enjoy the many aspects of the park's magnificent gardens including all-season topiary features, scented gardens, spring bulb displays and the ornament garden designed for children.

Stunning in any season 

Laurel Bank Park provides a year-long show with spectacular transformations brought about by the changing seasons. Many of the park's stately old trees are deciduous with their leaves changing colour from glowing yellows and browns in autumn, to be replaced with the stark framework of winter branches, before taking on the vibrant new growth of spring and summer. 

Laurel Bank Park is included in Toowoomba Regional Council's Summer Tunes program, an initiative that provides free, live-music performances in selected parks. 

Car parking is available in Herries and Hill Streets, as well as off-street parking access from Hill Street.


Laurel Bank gardens are renowned for their stunning floral displays, which include the annual display gardens that embody a different theme for the Carnival of Flowers each year. The full extent of the annual display gardens can be viewed atop a viewing platform, which gives park users an aerial view of the exhibits. 

Meticulous planning and preparation by Toowoomba Regional Council gardeners ensure Laurel Bank Park is a memorable Carnival of Flowers attraction. Each year, thousands of seedlings and bulbs are planted including an area specifically planted out to depict a floral theme representing a significant local or national event. The gardens are a must-see and popular with visitors from all over the world.


Other key floral display gardens in the park include the wisteria arbour, rose garden, peach walk, topiary hedge Thomas the Tank Engine train, and other various displays situated around the park. 

An unforgettable sight in spring is the park's wisteria walk. Specially designed trellises support the vines' springtime greenery, providing a shaded bower amongst a fragrant canopy of vivid colour.


The rose garden is a popular area of the park for garden lovers. With a discerning selection of varieties, the formal layout of the beds and the meticulous preparation by Council gardeners combine to present a stunning display of these classic blooms in season.


Laurel Bank Park features a spectacular scented garden that is filled with richly perfumed plants and herbs. Following a suggestion from the Downs Association for the Blind, the scented garden was developed in 1980 as a joint initiative between the Toowoomba City Council and the Rotary Club of Toowoomba East.

The gardens were designed for the visually impaired and it has become a popular location for Toowoomba's residents and visitors. The layout of the garden not only exhilarates the senses but also takes into account the unique needs of many people. Pathways have raised edges with garden beds and picnic tables designed for easy wheelchair access.


Take a wander through the gardens to experience the sensory delights. Key features include a pond and fountain with a bridge, scented plants, a kitchen garden, feature shade trees and seating in secluded and shady locations.


Laurel Bank Park is also a popular location for relaxing picnics and barbecues. 


The gazebo and children's playground area are located next to a lawn area for kick-around activities. 


The children's playground area features various activities and is buffered from Herries Street by hedging.


This area also has a lovely outlook across the park's manicured lawns and gardens, and croquet area.



The large gazebo, situated close to the children's play equipment area, is lit and has free gas barbecues with tables and chairs and is great for gatherings. 


There are also tables and chairs under trees around the park, which make for popular places for picnics.  


Laurel Bank Park is also renowned for its beautiful, mature trees, including the English Oak tree and Lithocarpus Tree. In the scented gardens of Laurel Bank Park there is also the Brazilian Fire Tree or Yellow Jacaranda (Schizolobium parahybum). 

Toowoomba's other premier parks including Queens Park and Newtown Park, also contain other feature trees and are well worth a visit.


Laurel Bank Park is also home to the Laurel Bank Park Hall, which was originally built to be a mess hall for the US naval troops during WWII.  It is now used for permanent and recurring community meetings and can be hired. Please visit our Halls & Community Centres section for more information.

Laurel Bank Park was privately owned by Mr Samuel George Stephens, who designed the garden himself. In 1932 Mr Stephens donated the land to the people of Toowoomba, making Council the official custodian.

Mr Stephens was known as 'the man of flowers', and due to his love of flowers he asked that the land not be used as a sporting facility, only the Croquet Greens along Herries Street were permitted. At the northern entrance to the Scented Gardens opposite the visitor information booth there is a memorial dedicated to Samuel Stephens erected in recognition of his vision for the city. 

Laurel Bank Hall sited on the Hill Street side of the gardens was built during World War II as a mess hall for United States naval troops.

Laurel Bank Park's manicured gardens make a popular location for weddings and wedding photos. Refer to our park bookings for more information on booking a wedding ceremony in the park.


Drinking fountain
Water feature
Park bench
Picnic tables


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