South Toowoomba - Lake Annand

Autumn leaves scattered on the lawn beside the lake and clear blue skies.
Tuesday, 27 Jul 2021 10:50

Address: Long Street, South Toowoomba QLD 4350

This park will soon be undergoing construction works.  Council appreciates your patience and care during this time.  For more information please refer to:

Lake Annand is one of Toowoomba's feature parks. It includes a large man-made pond that has been landscaped into an attractive water area including a fountain.  

The tranquil man-made lake is a focal point of the park and, combined with the lush green lawns and gardens surrounding it, makes for a beautiful park outlook.  

Barbecue facilities and children's play areas make the location a popular one for picnics, get-togethers and small events.

The park has large and small gazebos, water features, toilets, barbecues and inter-connecting paths.  


As a part of the East Creek park corridor this park joins with East Creek 4 Park to the north and East Creek 5 Park (Joseph Leadbetter Park) to the south. The walking and cycling paths are popular for recreation and commuting purposes.


There is a variety of children's and youth equipment including a climbing equipment, swings and all-abilities rocker suitable for wheelchairs. This section also has barbecue and picnic facilities. The parking area and the end of Bright Street provides the best access to the main playground area.

Pirate ship style playground at Lake Annand.lakeannandplayground

Lake Annand is also home to two significantly large-based Queensland bottle trees. Visit Toowoomba's best trees for more information.  


Lake Annand's picturesque surroundings make it a popular location for wedding photos.  


For more information on how to book parks for weddings and other uses please visit our Booking parks section. The bridge is a feature of the park and is ideal for wedding photos.



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