Palmtree - Munro Tramway Historical Route

Thursday, 23 Jul 2020 12:44

Address: 486 Palmtree Road, Palmtree QLD 4352

The historical route follows the old timber tramway network that A&D Munro Company constructed in the late 1890s and early 1900s to service their logging and milling operations in the Hampton, Perseverance and Ravensbourne areas of south east Queensland. The original tramway route is mostly on private property with only four sections accessible to the public: The Great Short Walk, Perseverance Reserve, Ravensbourne Sports Ground and Bunkers Hill. This page describes the Great Short Walk. For more information about the other sections, please visit: 

Please leave your pets at home when visiting this area.

How to get there: From Toowoomba, drive north to Hampton, then turn right onto Esk-Hampton Road. Drive for about 6km and turn right onto Perseverance Hall Road. At the end of the road, turn right onto Palmtree Road where you will find a carpark and interpretive signage.

Facilities: None

The Great Short Walk

Best for: Bushwalking

Classification: Grade 3

Distance: 1,500m one way

Walking time: 30 minutes 

Description: The trail follows the path of the Munro Tramway along the side of the current Palmtree Road. Several signs along the way tell the story of the Munro Tramway and the timber industry. There is also a lookout with views of Highfields. As this used to be a rail trail, the gradient is easy, except for the gully where there used to be a bridge. The track goes through dry open country, so it’s important to take plenty of water and be sun smart.

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Munro Tramway Historical Route walking trail map


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