Drayton - Mount Peel Bushland Park

Three women riding horses on the trails at Mount Peel Bushland Park
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Address: Westminster Street, Drayton QLD 4350

Stretching across 123.5ha on Toowoomba's western escarpment, Mount Peel Bushland Park provides bushland, green space near the city. It is located to the southwest of Toowoomba CBD near the small township of Westbrook, in the suburb of Drayton.

Mount Peel has a network of purpose-built bushwalking and mountain bike trails that provide access to outdoor recreation and nature appreciation opportunities. The lookouts showcase the best views of Toowoomba and deliver iconic trail experiences.

Being a bushland reserve, it is possible that you will see various bird species, kangaroos, wallabies, echidnas and, sometimes, koalas out and about. With this in mind, please leave your pets at home when visiting as domestic animals can have a great impact on native animals and native vegetation.

Mount Peel Bushland Park is located on the south-western edge of Toowoomba and has four entrances:

  1. Darling Street car park (corner of Darling and Westminster Streets): Follow Anzac Avenue south and turn north-west onto Darling Street. The reserve has a well-signed car park at the intersection of Westminster and Darling Streets.
  2. Westminster Street car park (Westminster Street): Follow Anzac Avenue south and turn north-west onto Darling Street. Take Westminster Street and drive uphill to the end of the road. The reserve entrance is signed and you can park your car near the entry gate.
  3. Boundary Street entrance (Boundary Street South): Follow the Toowoomba-Millmerran Road and turn north at Boundary Street South. The reserve entrance is signed. Park your car near the wooden fence making sure not to block the entry gate.
  4. Anzac Avenue entrance (Anzac Avenue South): This entrance is located at the southern end of the Gore Highway, also known as Anzac Avenue. This is a pedestrian entrance only and there is no parking provision at this entry.

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Mount Peel Bushland Park features five different lookouts and picnic areas including picnic tables and bench seating.

When arriving by vehicle, there are three car parks available at the following entrances:

  1. Boundary Street 
  2. Westminster Street
  3. Darling Street

The park has a mix of both shared use and single-use routes. Shared use trails (firebreaks) accommodate multiple types of users including horse riders, mountain bikers, walkers and runners.

Single-use trails are narrow and avoid conflict between user groups and allow visitors to have a better connection with nature. Mount Peel has a number of mountain bike and pedestrian-only trails described below.

Mount Peel Bushland Park trails map

Firebreak Network (proceed with caution)

Best for: Bushwalking, mountain biking and horse riding

Classification: Bushwalking (Grade 3), mountain biking (Easy), horse riding (Class 1 easy)

Distance: Over 4kms total distance

Walking time: I hour 30 minutes to 3 hours 30 minutes

Description: The Firebreak Network connects the four park entrances with the five peaks, lookouts and the purpose-built bushwalking and mountain bike trails. The firebreaks' main function is to protect neighbouring properties and allow fire trucks and service vehicles access the park. Overall, the Firebreak Network extends 4km and features two peaks measuring about 710m above sea level. The South Summit is the most challenging to climb but offers the best views.

Basalt Walk (proceed with caution)

Best for: Bushwalking 

Classification: (Grade 4)

Distance: 880m loop

Walking time: 45 minutes

Description: Basalt Walk is located on the southern side of the park, near the Anzac Avenue entrance. The walk up to this lookout at 710m above sea level is demanding but very rewarding. This walk is connected to the North Summit Lookout via Wombat Berry Walk.

Wombat Berry Walk (proceed with caution)

Best for: Bushwalking 

Classification: (Grade 3)

Distance: 395m one way

Walking time: 10 minutes

Description: Wombat Berry Walk is a relatively easy walk that connects Basalt Walk (South Summit Lookout) and Ironbark Walking Circuit (North Summit Lookout). A native evergreen vine with lance-shaped leaves commonly called Wombat Berry (Eustrephus latifolius) can be seen along the walk.

Ironbark Walking Circuit (proceed with caution)

Best for: Bushwalking 

Classification: (Grade 4)

Distances: 1,055m loop

Walking time: 45 minutes

Description: The Ironbark Walking Circuit takes you around and up to the 100m long North Summit Lookout situated at 710m above sea level, where you have almost 360 degrees view of Toowoomba.

Ironbark Walking Circuit starts near the Westminster Street carpark. From the carpark follow the firebreak that takes you towards the water tank and take a right at the fork intersection. The walk starts on the right-hand side just past the water tank, where you will see a directional bollard indicating the route to the North Summit Lookout. After walking about 175m you will arrive at the 4-Way Intersection. The loop around the mountain is 880m and you can reach the summit from the south or the north side.

From the 4-Way Intersection you can take a left and head straight to the summit from the southern side (365m distance) or continue around the mountain loop and then head towards the summit from the northern side (720m distance). Alternatively, from the 4-Way Intersection you can head north and reach the summit from the northern side of the mountain (500m distance).

The North Summit Lookout is 100m long and you can access it from one side of the mountain and exit it from the other side. Ironbark Walking Circuit connects the North Summit Lookout and the South Summit through the Wombat Berry Walk and links with the Westbrook Lookout through the Kurrajong Walk.

Kurrajong Walk (proceed with caution)

Best for: Bushwalking 

Classification: Grade 3

Distances: 590m one way

Walking time: 15 minutes

Description: Kurrajong Walk connects Ironbark Walking Circuit (North Summit Lookout) and Red Ash Walking Circuit (Westbrook Lookout) where specimens like the Kurrajong (Brachychiton populneus) can be found. 

Red Ash Walking Circuit (proceed with caution)

Best for: Bushwalking 

Classification: Grade 3

Distances: 990m loop

Walking time: 30 minutes

Description: Red Ash Walking Circuit is located on the north-west side of the reserve, approximately 750m west of the Darling Street carpark. The circuit starts at the base of the West Summit and winds up the mountain to the Westbrook Lookout that sits at 660m above sea level. There is a bench at the summit where you can rest and take in some amazing vistas of Toowoomba from a different angle, including views of Westbrook, Gowrie Mountain, the Holcim Quarry and Drayton. Follow the signs to select your next destination.

Red Ash Walking Circuit connects the Westbrook Lookout with the North Summit (Ironbark Walking Circuit) through Kurrajong Walk. This circuit also links with Drayton Lookout (440m distance) and Stephens Lookout (595m distance) through the firebreak.

Wakka Wakka Trail (proceed with caution)

Best for: Mountain biking

Classification: Green Circle - Easy

Distances: 6,000m single track loop 

Description: Wakka Wakka Trail is a big circuit that starts near the Darling Street Carpark, on the east side of Mount Peel. The trail travels west and turns around to finish back where it started. Due to its width, gentle gradient and few obstacles, this trail is good for beginner mountain bikers with basic mountain-bike skills.

The Wakka Wakka Trail is formed with a series of 4 stacked loops divided by the firebreaks that cross them, providing opportunities for different length rides. The first two loops, closer to the carpark, are shorter than the rest. Riders can turn around at any of the firebreaks to ride shorter or longer sections and vary the route they take, which allows them to enjoy their favourite loops.

This is a mountain bike trail only; walkers are not allowed on this trail for their safety and horses are not allowed, to prevent damage of the trail’s surface. This trail is a single direction of travel. For your safety, please follow the direction indicated on the blue plastic signs (clock-wise loop).

Bunda Trail (proceed with caution)

Best for: Mountain biking

Classification: Green Circle - Easy

Distances: 1,250m single track loop

Description: Bunda Trail is a loop that starts behind the concrete water tank near the Westminster Street entrance, winds through the bush, turns around and crosses a firebreak. From there the trail snakes through the bush again and finishes back near the entry gate.

The ample width and clear line of sight, few obstacles and gentle gradient make this trail perfect for children and families.

For user’s safety walkers or horses are not allowed on this trail. Mountain bikers should follow the direction of travel indicated on the blue plastic signs (counter-clock wise loop).

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