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Highfields - Davidson Arboretum

Address: 11 Cawdor Road, Highfields QLD 4352

Davidson Arboretum (Latin for ‘tree garden’) is a one hectare park located in Highfields - a 15-minute drive north of the Toowoomba CBD. The perfect spot to stop and relax, these manicured gardens feature a stunning collection of tree species.

The entrance to the arboretum is via Cawdor Road (located between 11 and 13 Cawdor Road), Flamingo Road or Powell Court. 

Amenities are located in the nearby Peacehaven Botanical Park.






Davidson Arboretum has a focus on ornamental trees and some shrubs from the northern hemisphere which are predominantly deciduous. The collection includes different species of maple, ash, conifer and oak, flowering trees such as blossoms and magnolias, and many other rare and special trees. Some Australian natives are established amongst them. 


Local residents, Ken and Mary Davidson purchased land on the corner of Flamingo and Highfields Roads in 1989 that was previously grazing country. 

From 1989 to 2007, they planted gardens in accordance with a vision that Mr Davidson had to grow and test exotic ornamental species for suitability in the local area. The couple spent approximately 20 years planting on their property ‘Homewood’.

In 2007, they generously donated a hectare of the garden to Crows Nest Shire Council, now part of Toowoomba Regional Council, for the community to enjoy well into the future.


The Arboretum features walkways and avenues of trees, a formal arbour and a rest shelter making it a tranquil space to enjoy all year round. From May to June, the gardens transform with deciduous species bursting into a brilliant display of autumn colours.


Visitors can enjoy a leisurely stroll through the gardens and take a rest in the shelter donated by the Toowoomba Rotary Club, or picnic on the manicured lawns.





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