Crows Nest - Crows Nest National Park

Thursday, 03 Jun 2021 11:15

Address: Three Mile Road, crows nest QLD

Crows Nest National Park is maintained by the Department of Environment and Science

It is a great place to visit after good rainfall, with water cascading downstream through eucalypt forest before plunging 20m over the granite cliffs of Crows Nest Falls into pristine rock pools. The park protects spectacular creek scenery, granite outcrops, a scenic waterfall and eucalypt forest in the headwaters of Crows Nest Creek on the Great Dividing Range west of Brisbane.

A haven for wildlife

Look for platypus in the creek near the picnic area and go birdwatching during the day. See the brush-tailed rock-wallaby Petrogale pencillata on the rocky cliffs along the creek, which is vulnerable to extinction in Queensland. You might even be lucky enough to spot koalas in the gum trees or see echidnas, bandicoots or lace monitors.

Please leave your pets at home.

Take a creek-side walk to waterholes and to lookouts with spectacular views. Tracks lead from the picnic area and follow the steep-sided gorge in the upper reaches of Crows Nest Creek to a lookout overlooking Crows Nest Falls. Continue to Koonin Lookout for an impressive view over a deeper gorge known locally as the Valley of Diamonds. Explore around the creek, but be careful. Rocks and stepping-stones can be slippery, especially after rain. Supervise children closely.

Crows Nest National Park is situated about 6km east of Crows Nest, 56 km north of Toowoomba. From Toowoomba travel north on the New England Hwy, turn right at the Crows Nest Police Station and follow the Crows Nest National Park sign along the sealed road.

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Day-use area

The day-use area has parking, picnic tables, pit toilets, gas-powered barbecues and drinking water. 

Camping area

The camping area has unpowered tent and caravan sites, pit toilets, wood barbecues and 'boil-your-own-water' showers.

Camping permits are required and fees apply. Visit the Department of Environment and Science website for details.

Crows Nest National Park walking trails map

Crows Nest Falls via Kauypp Loop

Best for: Bushwalking    

Classification: Grade 3 Grade 4

Distance: 2700 m loop

Walking time: 1 hour

Description: This loop includes The Cascades, Kauyoo Pool and Bottlebrush Pool. The walk is relative easy to the Cascades and becomes more challenging to Kauyoo Pool and Bottlebrush Pool.

Bottlebrush Pool is the ideal place to enjoy a swim and relax. The river she-oaks and bottlebrush trees here provide shade and habitat for a variety of wildlife. Keep an eye out for brush-tailed rock wallabies, as they move quietly around the surrounding granite hills and boulders. Take care on the steps leading down to the creek as they can be slippery when wet. A sandy beach allows easy access to the normally shallow water at Kauyoo Pool.

Steep crevices and slippery rocks lead to the Cascades where you can hear the ‘tock tock’ calls of striped marsh frogs echoing around the boulders in summer. Watch your step, especially if the creek is flowing. This is another good spot to sit quietly and watch for rock-wallabies.

Crows Nest Falls Lookout

Best for: Bushwalking

Classification: Grade 3

Distance: 2100 m return

Walking time: 45 minutes

Description: At Crows Nest Falls water tumbles over 20 m high granite cliffs. Access to the Crows Nest Falls waterhole has been closed due to the danger posed by large rocks falling onto the track and into the waterhole. For your safety, never attempt to climb around the Crows Nest Falls lookout barriers for any reason - to do so could result in serious injury or death.

Koonin Lookout

Best for: Bushwalking

Classification: Grade 3

Distance: 4500 m return

Walking time: 1 hour 30 minutes

Description: Wander out to Koonin Lookout for a bird’s-eye view of the Valley of Diamonds and to the distant rolling hills around Ravensbourne. Look along the way for intricate lichen patterns on rocks and small ground orchids.

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Crows Nest National Park walking trails map

Department of Environment and Science - Crows Nest National Park


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