We have a prominent banner site located above Margaret Street (Toowoomba), that is available for organisations/businesses to promote their upcoming event/s within the region. The high visibility banner can be seen linking the café precinct with the Queens Park playground area directly opposite.

Applications to book the site for the following year, open on the first working day in October. 


How to book

1. Fill in either the online or PDF booking form:

2. You will be advised of the outcome in writing.

Please note that an application submission does not constitute approval for the banner site. If there is another booking that conflicts with your application, we will contact you by telephone to discuss. No payment is required when submitting the application form.


Frequently asked questions

Yes, the banner site is very popular to promote upcoming events.

Fees associated with the use of the banner site can be found in our banner site fees and charges.

A late application may apply if the application is not received within 5 working days prior to the banner display period.

If approved, your booking will be confirmed once full payment is made within 8 weeks from the date indicated on the approval letter. The issued receipt will confirm your booking. 

Banner bookings for the current year of display are open during the entirety of the current year, however bookings open on the 1st working day in October for the following year.

Banners are displayed for a minimum of 7 days (1 week). Should there be no bookings for the following week your banner may remain up at no additional cost.

Your banner must meet the following criteria to be deemed to comply with our design criteria:

  • Maximum length of banner - 8.5m
  • Maximum depth of banner - 0.95m
  • Holes, 150mm diameter, to be cut into banner at a maximum of 1.5 metres spacing
  • Initial sag on erection - 0.4m
  • Minimum rope length (rope to be sewn into banner top & bottom) - 20.5m
  • Minimum rope diameter must be 12mm
  • Minimum rope length on each side of banner - 6.0m

Banners that do not comply with our design criteria cannot be erected.

We accept no responsibility in any way whatsoever for any claims or damages to any person or property, including the banner, resulting from the erection and exhibition of the banner.

It is the applicant's responsibility to deliver the banner to the our Parks and Recreation Office, TRC Principal Depot, Nass Road, Charlton at least two working days prior to the banner being erected. The banner must be collected immediately after it has been taken down. If the banner is delivered in a storage bag, the applicant is to retain the storage bag for the period that the banner is in the property of Council.


A copy of current broadform public liability risk insurance policy is to be provided to Council prior to the erection of the banner. The insurance must be:

  • for at least $10,000,000
  • on terms and conditions satisfactory to Council insuring the licensee for its legal liability against any claims, demands or actions arising from, associated with or relating to the licensees, occupation or use of road and footpath/road reserve for the erection and display of the banner,

Evidence of the certificate of currency of such insurance must accompany the application.