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Our region has an amazing selection of recreational parks that double as wonderful wedding destinations providing the perfect backdrop for ceremonies and photos. All tastes are catered for with our range of outdoor spaces which offer views of rural landscapes, water feature gardens, secluded areas, majestic tree avenues and floral displays.

If you are considering one of our parks for your special day, formally booking your nominated park is the best way to ensure no other booked events or weddings are taking place at the same time. A wedding day is one of life's biggest celebrations so please secure your ceremony date early. Use of parks for photos does not require booking, however, you must give right of way to booked ceremonies. We don't permit wedding receptions in the parks, however, there are many ideal reception venues throughout the region.

Wedding ceremonies can't be booked at Laurel Bank Park, Queens Parks and Picnic Point during the annual Carnival of Flowers. Other annual and major events held in parks will at times take precedence over wedding ceremonies.


How to book

1. Fill in either the online or PDF booking form:


The maximum booking duration is two hours including set up, arrival, ceremony and departure. 

2. Subject to your booking application being assessed, you will be advised of the outcome in writing.

Please note that an application submission does not constitute approval for park usage or guarantee park availability. If there is another booking or event that conflicts with your application, we will contact you by telephone to discuss. No payment is required when submitting the application form.


Frequently asked questions

Which parks are popular for wedding ceremonies?

Clewley Park

Lake Annand

Laurel Bank Park

Newtown Park

Picnic Point Parklands

Queens Park and Botanic Gardens

Toowoomba Waterbird Habitat

Peacehaven Botanic Park

Do I need to make a booking?

Toowoomba Region parks are popular venues for many events including weddings, picnics and get-togethers. We appreciate how important your wedding day is and booking your preferred park is the best way to ensure no other weddings booked by Council are taking place at the same time. 

How much does it cost?

A fee is applicable to use the park for a wedding ceremony. This fee can be found in our fees and charges application here.

Selection of wedding site

When submitting your written application, it is recommended that two sites are selected in case your preferred choice is unavailable.

Ceremonies must only take place in the area/s approved by us and, unless otherwise approved, must not interfere with pedestrian flow, public amenities, picnic gazebos/shelters, local businesses or residents. No specific areas are to be closed for private use.

Can I book the park longer than two hours?

All bookings are in two-hour increments only. This way, we can meet demand and sometimes allow several weddings to take place comfortably across the day. We ask that you don't set up the area earlier than your booking time as there may be another wedding before yours.

Am I able to have music playing?

Of course. Acoustic instruments and battery-operated PA systems are permitted. However, please respect local park users and nearby residents by keeping music to a suitable volume.

Will the area I booked be cordoned off?

No, areas will not be cordoned off or signage erected by Council. An approval does not guarantee exclusive use of the area and/or its facilities.

Do we need a permit to photograph?

No. Photography and videography are at your leisure. If you wish to have photographs taken at a park, without a ceremony, booking is not required. However, please be mindful of existing park users and other wedding ceremonies.

Are we allowed to bring our own alcohol?

No. Alcohol is permitted to be consumed in parks in accordance with Queensland State Law, Liquor Licencing Act of Queensland 1992. Contact Liquor Licencing Queensland for information about liquor permits.

Can I use any celebrant?

Yes. You are able to select any celebrant - it's your day, enjoy! It's a good idea to forward a copy of the park booking to the celebrant so they can ensure they set up at the correct location and time.

Can I bring my own equipment?

You may bring your own wedding set-up including carpeted aisle, archway, flags and/or a signing table, chairs etc.

The provision of all equipment required for a ceremony is the responsibility of the applicant and all costs must be borne by the applicant. Set up and pack down of all equipment within the allocated time is to be undertaken by the applicant, at the applicant’s expense.

The applicant is responsible for all property, equipment, decorations and materials associated with their ceremony. We will not accept any responsibility for damage or loss prior to, during or after the ceremony.

No fixtures are to be attached to trees or structures.

Can my vehicle gain access to drive in the park?

No. As the park is open to all residents, safety is of upmost importance. All the parks recommended for weddings have nearby roads/parking spaces so only a short walk to the aisle is required. Guests should be made aware that vehicles that are illegally parked on the park will be subject to an infringement notice.

Can I use confetti or rice?

Confetti and rice are not permitted as they are classified as litter. Rose petals are permitted in lieu of confetti and must be cleaned up after the event.

Will there be flowers in the park?

Flowers are seasonal and we don;t guarantee a flower display.

What if it rains?

We strongly suggest you have an alternate plan in place. No refund applies for wet weather cancellations.

What if I need to cancel or change the date?

We ask that you contact us as soon as possible in the event of a cancellation/change of date. This way we can free the booking time and make it available to another bride and groom.

If the wedding is cancelled more than 6 weeks prior to the wedding date, a full refund will apply. If the wedding is cancelled less than 6 weeks before the wedding date, no refund will apply, However, we may review each case on an individual basis.

What if other events are on at the same time as my wedding?

We play host to many events, whether they are in parks, on the city streets or within major entertainment complexes and are not responsible for advising you of any other events that may be held in and around the region on your wedding day. We will, of course, refuse any bookings for the park that coincide with your wedding. There are certain events, however, over which we have not direct control.

Is there electrical power source we can use in the parks?

There is no provision for electrical power in the parks. You will need to make alternative arrangements if you require a public address system (PA). Please note: No amplification over 72 decibels is allowed in parks.

Are wedding receptions allowed?

Wedding receptions are not allowed.

Can I put up a marquee?

No. Marquees are prohibited for wedding ceremonies.

Water features in parks

If ponds, fountains or lakes are located within the area of your ceremony, it's a good idea to advise parents before the ceremony to ask them to take responsibility for their children's supervision.

Other park users

Other users may be in the area picnicking, playing or walking dogs. There may also be another ceremony both prior to and/or after your ceremony

Cleaning and remediation

We may undertake unprogrammed/emergency maintenance within parks which is beyond our control, as well as programmed maintenance for parks; we have the right to carry out these works. In these instances, you may be required to relocate your wedding ceremony location. We make every effort to carry out park maintenance with minimal disruption to booked weddings, but circumstances can arise when this is not possible.

We will contact you in the case of major work being carried out at your wedding ceremony location. Due to the continuing improvements of our parks, we cannot always guarantee the area will remain free from construction activities. Special mowing or additional servicing of the area is not provided. We are unable to control leaf/branch debris resulting from inclement weather conditions or irresponsible people using the area prior to your ceremony.

Unforeseen circumstances

If, due to unforeseen circumstances, the park/gardens are affected (i.e. storm damage, mechanical failures or vandalism etc.), we may review cases on an individual basis.

Observance of statutes and other instructions

The applicant must comply with and give all notices required by any relevant local laws.