Toowoomba Region Libraries offer two video streaming platforms Beamafilm and Kanopy.

beamafilm logoBeamafilm

Beamafilm allows you to stream your favourite documentaries and indie releases. You can choose from hundreds of titles and watch as many films and features as you wish from our platform. No subscription fees apply. All you need to get started is your library membership number and an internet connected device. All available titles can be viewed here.

If you are currently not a Toowoomba Region library member, join online for free here.

Beamafilm user guide

Beamafilm help can be accessed here.


kanopy logoKanopy

Kanopy is a free on-demand streaming video service with thousands of titles to choose from.

Discover thought-provoking and enriching entertainment on one convenient streaming platform. Kanopy makes it easy to find and stream meaningful films. There is always something new to discover with titles added every month, as well as tailored recommendations to help find the films that speak to you.

  • Library members can view up to 10 films per month
  • Once you press play, you have 3 days to view it as many times as you like
  • Play credits reset on the 1st of each month
  • Kanopy Kids - in Kids Mode watch as many films as you like, Kanopy Kids is uncapped.  
  • Kanopy can be accessed from an internet-connected device

  1. To create an account on Kanopy, click 'Sign up' on our Kanopy website or go to
  2. Fill out the requested fields in the account creation form. If you would prefer to create your account using your existing Facebook or Google account, click on the appropriate social login button and follow the prompts in the pop-up. Note patrons must be over 13 years and agree to Kanopy's Terms and Privacy Policy.
  3. After signing up, you will be sent a verification email to your email address. This email will come from Click “Verify My Email” to continue your account set up.
  4. Click 'Add library card'
  5. Enter your library card number and PIN and click Save.
  6. Once your library card has been successfully connected, you will then be shown information about how your account works. Click Watch Now at the bottom of the page to begin watching.

You are now set up! When you are signed into your account, you can access your User Dashboard from the top right. On the Dashboard, you can manage your personal profile details, Watchlist, recently watched films, comments, and more. You can see more on the features of the user profile via the Kanopy help page.

For help on setting up your device and getting started using Kanopy follow our online tutorial to guide you through the process.

Or visit the Kanopy help pages for more information, apps and troubleshooting.

Kanopy also offers children’s programming with Kanopy Kids. Parents can browse educational and engaging videos for children of all ages that promote positive social and emotional development and inspire creativity in young minds. There are no limits to how many films can be viewed when in Kids Mode, Kanopy Kids is uncapped. 

Visit the Kanopy Kids help page for more information and help.

Setting parental controls on your account means you will be required to enter a PIN when attempting to view a title that has not been approved for viewing in Kanopy Kids. This feature prevents your child from stumbling upon unsuitable content on Kanopy. To set up parental controls:
Using web or mobile browser:

  1. Log into your Kanopy account, go to your Dashboard and select “Parental Controls”.
  2. Click “Turn on”
  3. Create a 4-digit PIN and click Save. We recommend using an original PIN that does not include any part of your address, phone number, or other numbers that your child might guess.

The parental controls will be activated after exiting Kanopy Kids for the first time after setup. You will only be required to enter your PIN once during a single session. Your session will end when you log out, or you enter and exit Kanopy Kids again.

Membership of the Toowoomba Region Libraries is free to all residents of Queensland.

Online memberships

An online membership provides access to our electronic resources such as eBooks and eAudiobooks, eMagazines, eMusic, video streaming services, online learning platforms, online databases and more. Online memberships are free and you can join here.