Water hardness levels are monitored on a regular basis by Mt Kynoch Water Treatment Plant in conjunction with Laboratory Services and reported as mg/L (milligrams per litre) of calcium carbonate. The water pressure zone map below and pressure zone/water hardness list is to be used in conjunction with the water hardness calculator to determine the correct setting required for certain appliances eg dishwashers.

  • City: 150 mg/l calcium carbonate
  • Freneau Pines: 120 mg/l calcium carbonate
  • Gabbinbar: 120 mg/l calcium carbonate
  • Gabbinbar High: 120 mg/l calcium carbonate
  • Horners: 160 mg/l calcium carbonate
  • Kynoch: 110 mg/l calcium carbonate
  • Lofty: 110 mg/l calcium carbonate
  • Northern: 120 mg/l calcium carbonate
  • Picnic Point: 120 mg/l calcium carbonate
  • Platz North: 120 mg/l calcium carbonate
  • Platz South: 120 mg/l calcium carbonate 

This is used for determining water hardness in dishwashers etc.

  • Alkaline Earth Ions mmol/l: 0.01
  • Alkaline Earth Ions m.equiv/l: 0.020
  • ppm CaCO3 : 1.00
  • German Degrees od or odH: 0.056
  • English Degrees oe: 0.07
  • French Degrees of: 0.100

To convert this reading to that required in dishwasher setup literature multiply the hardness of water in mg/l x type of degrees. 

For example: if hardness in mg/L equals 124mg/L and a dishwasher setting required the value in German Degrees (0d), the calculation would be 124mg/L x 0.056 = 6.9 0d


water pressure zone map small