Following an Ordinary Meeting of Council on 15 December 2020, we extended the rainwater tank rebate scheme for existing houses and commercial properties. This rebate assisted eligible properties to capture and use rainwater for domestic and commercial purposes, including gardening, and relieve pressure on potable water supplies, particularly within our regional centres.

We’re currently not accepting new applications for the rainwater tank rebate. Any existing applications will be assessed and upon completion are expected to exhaust the budget allocation.

Rainwater tank rebate 

The rainwater tank rebate scheme commenced on 1 July 2020 and we stopped accepting applications on 8 April 2021 in anticipation of the $50,000 budget allocation being exhausted. This water security initiative provided a rebate of $300 for a 5,000L or $500 for a 10,000L or larger rainwater tank, to existing houses or commercial properties that are connected to our water supply.


To have been eligible for the scheme you must have:

  • been the owner of an existing house or commercial property connected to Council water
  • installed a water tank/s of at least 5,000 litres capacity
  • only submitted one application per rate assessment notice.

How the financial rebate works

The rebate consisted of a $300 or $500 (dependant on tank capacity) reduction to either the water or rates notice (whichever notice comes first after the application approval). The rebate was only actioned after the application had been approved and proof of purchase submitted.


Frequently asked questions

The rainwater tank rebate scheme applies to the installation of a least one tank of a minimum 5000 litre capacity. You can install more than one tank to reach the 5000 or 10,000 litre capacity if you wish.

You can only submit one application per existing house or commercial property.

No. The tank needs to be purchased new and a receipt provided as proof of purchase.

Yes. The rebate scheme only applies to existing houses and commercial properties connected to the Toowoomba Bulk Water Supply Scheme or Toowoomba Non-bulk Water Supply Scheme.

You can read more about when a plumber is required in our Rainwater tanks - new builds and retrofitted tanks article.

No. The only requirement is that the tank has at least one tap for outside water use.

Any of the above tank materials (poly, concrete or metal) are acceptable for the rebate.

No. You can buy the tank brand new, from any supplier.

No. The rebate is only for rainwater tanks purchased after 1 July 2020. Proof of purchase must be provided.