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Domestic greywater is wastewater from the bath, shower, basin, laundry tub and washing machine that can be used for lawn and garden irrigation, toilet flushing, cold water in the laundry and washing machine and the washing of paths, external walls and vehicles.

Grey water does NOT include toilet water or greywater generated from a kitchen in a sewered area due to the high levels of grease, fats, oils and food particles which can clog the plumbing in your home.

In unsewered areas kitchen water should be first put through a grease trap before it is diverted to the greywater treatment plant.

Commercial buildings can also re-use greywater.


Ways to use untreated greywater

Ways to use treated greywater

Greywater treatment plants collect, clean, store and disinfect greywater. The end product can be used for:

 A licensed plumber must install the greywater system and a plumbing approval will be required. Read more about this here.


Greywater diversion devices and treatment systems

The installation and operation of a greywater diversion device or treatment plant and the accompanying irrigation system needs to be implemented by a plumber and requires our approval (see approval process information below). Plumbers can work with you, the homeowner, to plan a greywater facility and irrigation system that will work with your land.

Once a system is installed it is the owner's or occupier's responsibility to ensure the system is maintained regularly, by cleaning or replacing filter and organising servicing.

Greywater diversion device

A greywater diversion device consists of a filter that removes hair, lint and other solids. The device is fitted with a switch that diverts greywater through to a subsurface or surface irrigation system.

Greywater treatment plants

A greywater treatment plant collects, stores, treats and disinfects greywater and can be installed in sewered and unsewered areas.


Approval process for greywater diversion and treatment systems

Before installing either a greywater diversion device or greywater treatment system you'll need to apply for approval. Read more about this...

Approval is not required for manual bucketing or connection of a flexible hose to a washing machine outlet.


Tips for greywater use


Greywater safety

Greywater should be used responsibly. Keep the following list in mind when using greywater.

To ensure that the health and well being of our residents and the environment is protected, we investigate any complaints about illegal plumbing installations and misuse of greywater such as:

Fines can be issued for greywater offences.