Water restrictions are in place across our whole Region and saving water is everyone's responsibility. All businesses are urged to minimise water usage where possible to preserve existing supplies. 


Building construction

Information about allowed watering activities associated with building construction can be found under our 'Water restrictions' article.


Land development, sub-divisional activities, State and Local Government roads and associated roadwork activities (non-residential)

Water from the reticulated (town) supply system is not permitted to be used for activities associated with land development and sub-divisional activities (including dust suppression, earthworks, road and service construction, landscaping, and slope stabilisation or erosion control) and State or Local Government roads and associated roadwork activity except where the written approval of the service provider has been obtained.


Installation and maintenance of irrigation systems

Refer to the Toowoomba Regional Council Gardens and Lawns fact sheet. The Queensland Water Commission's Efficient Irrigation for Water Conservation Guideline provides information on efficient irrigation and watering to ensure compliance with this Restriction.


Installation of water efficient fittings

Saving water is everyone's responsibility. Kitchen, bathroom, laundry and ablution premises using 1ML per year, or more, of water from the reticulated (town) supply system must have water efficient internal fittings installed, so that:

  • All taps are water efficient, and
  • All showerheads are water efficient showerheads, and
  • All trigger sprays are water efficient trigger sprays.
FixturePerformance requirements minimum WELS rating (★★★)
Taps Three star (9 litres/minute)
Showers Three star (9 litres/minute)
Trigger sprays Three star (9 litres/minute)

Alternatively, premises requiring a water efficient management plan (WEMP) to be submitted must use water in accordance with the approved plan.

Urinal systems

Water from the reticulated (town) supply system is not permitted to be used except where:

  1. the customer demonstrates to the Council that the urinal systems are water efficient, OR
  2. water used is in accordance with an approved WEMP prepared in accordance with the WEMP Guidelines.

Compliance with this Restriction s11.(i) and s11.2a is demonstrated by providing to Toowoomba Regional Council:

  1. a certificate from a licensed plumber certifying that the premises is fitted with water efficient urinal systems; or 
  2. a statutory declaration which declares that the premises is fully compliant with all the terms of this Restriction and provides information on the number of water efficient urinals fitted.

Cooling towers

Premises with an open re-circulation cooling system that is used to extract heat for a process or equipment, must:

  • operate in accordance with an approved Water Conservation Plan;
  • install sub-meters on the supply and bleed lines as required by Council.
  • provide an annual written report to Council