The water levels in our three storage dams are influenced by environmental and human factors; rainfall, evaporation and population usage. As the water level drops, our water use must also reduce.

This is why water restrictions become more strict as the usable storage capacity reduces.

 Total dam storage and total water usage


 Total dam storage
 (Cressbrook, Cooby & Perseverance dams)

Total water usage
 (Cressbrook, Cooby & Perseverance dams)

Daily overview for
16 March 2023
  95.5% full  33.5ML
   119,794 ML  



Dam storage detail (%)

Dam Usable Storage Past Usable Storage Current
Cooby 99.4 93.9
Perseverance 101.9 94.1
Cressbrook 96.4 96..4


Dam storage detail (ML)

Dam Total Storage Past Total Storage Current
Cooby 19,617 18,508
Perseverance 26,967 25,309
Cressbrook 79,682 75,977

Dam storage levels over the years.

Chart showing low water usage towns. 

Chart showing towns with medium level usage.

Chart showing high level usage.


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