PIN access machine (illustration only)

PIN access facilities

New waste management facilities at Cecil Plains, Cooyar and Evergreen opened in June 2018. In May 2019, Jondaryan and Ravensbourne waste management facilities were upgraded to PIN access.

Access to the sites mentioned above are controlled by the use of a PIN in order to both enter and leave the facility. You will be asked for proof of identity and address when you apply for a PIN.

How to apply for a PIN

Please apply for a PIN by using either the online form or appropriate PDF form below:

Online form

PDF forms

1. I must advise all users specified in this application: 

a. of the terms and conditions of use; and

b. that their use of the access PIN provided by Council indicates that they acknowledge and agree to the terms and conditions of use.

2. Failure to comply with these terms and conditions may:

a. result in access to the applicant’s nominated waste management facility (“the facility”) being suspended, restriction of access to waste facilities or the issuing a fine and/or penalty

b. may constitute an offence that will result in referral to the police or Council Local Laws.

3. There are no additional access fees for the facility, if a Waste Collection Utility Charge (for a kerbside collection service) or Waste Management Facility Charge (for self-haul of domestic waste to a waste management facility) is currently applied on the rates for the property.

4. If there is no applicable access charge on the rates, the applicant agrees to pay:

a. if also the owner of the property:

i. a Waste Management Facility Charge for the property; and
ii. a Waste Management Facility Access Fee for each additional dwelling on the property other than the primary dwelling; or

b. if only an occupier of a dwelling on the property other than the primary dwelling and the owner has not paid a Waste Management Facility Access Fee for that dwelling:

i. a Waste Management Facility Access Fee for the dwelling.

5. The applicant must immediately advise Council of any changes to the details of their application, including user or vehicle details.

6. The PIN provided must only be used to dispose of domestic waste from the property and that the disposal of commercial waste using the PIN will result in access being suspended.

7. User access is restricted to the facility during opening hours only.

8. A maximum load of 400kg of waste is permitted per visit.

9. Users agree to use of the facility unsupervised by any Council officer or representative.

10. Users assume all liability and responsibility for any injury, damage or loss incurred while using the facility.

11. Users of the facility must comply with all directions and instructions displayed on signage at the facility or by Council officers or representatives.

12. Domestic charges apply to waste that is normally generated from domestic households and self-hauled by the owner/occupier to a waste facility in a non-commercial vehicle or vehicle combination.

13. Domestic waste is not intended to include waste streams which are not from the normal operation of a dwelling. Examples of wastes which are not from the normal operation of a dwelling might include major tree lopping, major renovations, asbestos or asbestos-containing materials, etc., or material delivered in bulk quantities in a commercial vehicle.

14. No commercial, industrial and/or farming waste is permitted to be disposed at the facility without prior Council approval.

15. Fees apply to any waste generated from commercial premises or operations taken to a Council waste facility for disposal.

16. Any contaminated (i.e. not free of general waste) loads of green waste must be disposed of as general waste.

17. Only uncontaminated (i.e. free of general waste) loads of ferrous metal (e.g. steel, iron) and non-ferrous metals (e.g. copper, aluminium, brass) are accepted.

18. Lead acid type batteries, from domestic sources only, are accepted provided they are undamaged and not leaking.

19. Appliances that contain ozone-depleting gases (refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners) must be placed in the designated area. Council degasses these appliances.

20. Users must remain at least 5 metres away from plant/machinery at all times.

21. Loads must be secured and covered while travelling to and while at a Council waste facility. Penalties apply for transporting unsecured loads and littering.

22. Children under 13 must remain in vehicles at all times.

23. Enclosed footwear must be worn at all times (i.e. no thongs, sandals or open footwear).

24. Scavenging is prohibited.

25. Smoking, fires, naked flames and/or other sources of ignition are prohibited.

26. Pets of any kind must remain in, or secured on vehicles at all times.

27. Aggressive or abusive behaviour will not be tolerated.

28. People under the influence of, or otherwise impaired by alcohol or other prohibited or regulated substances, are not permitted on site.

29. Accepted and prohibited waste types can be found on the waste facility webpage.