Child placing bottle in recycling bin

Check out our smart lunch ideas to help reduce the amount of waste being generated daily. Our simple tips can help you save money and create a greener region.

Litter free lunches

A litter free lunch will use:

  • reusable containers that can be washed
  • reusable drink bottle that can be washed
  • recyclable or compostable wrapping or packaging eg paper bag
  • food items eg cheese, biscuits, yogurt repacked from larger containers into smaller reusable containers
  • healthier alternatives eg fruit rather than fruit bars.

The lunch might include:

  • sandwich or wrap in cloth, paper bag or reusable container
  • yogurt in reusable container
  • sultanas or dried apricots in reusable container
  • piece of fruit (skin and core can be composted or put in school or home worm farm)
  • cheese and crackers in reusable container
  • juice or water in reuseable drink bottle.