We provide recycling services through the provision of a kerbside recycling service and through waste facilities across the region. Other recycling opportunities are available to residents through private and charity organisations.

The contents of your yellow lidded recycle bin DOES get recycled. It does not go straight to landfill.  All the recyclables go to a materials recycling facility in Brisbane. Some of the material is baled and exported for further recycling and manufacturing. Some of the material is recycled here in Australia.

Business and tradespeople can save money by separating waste from recycling because many materials can be recycled at no cost while non-recyclable waste incurs a gate fee.

Finding and establishing modern landfills is a significant cost burden on the community. Diverting waste away from landfill by recycling makes our landfills last longer and therefore defers significant community and environmental costs.


How to recycle responsibly

  • NO PLASTIC BAGS PLEASE - place all materials in the bin loosely.
  • No bin liners, please.
  • Ensure all containers are empty. No food or drink. Please tip it out or scrape it, they don't have to be washed.
  • Plastic bottle lids and rings - they don't have to be removed, but you can if you like. 
  • Glass containers - remove the metal and plastic lids and place them in a container of the same material (steel into a tin can or aluminium into a drink can) or throw them into your general waste bin.
  • Remove all packing materials such as plastic wrap and foam beans. Place these in your general waste bin. Soft plastics may be able to be recycled through REDcycle.
  • Foam packaging from computer boxes cannot be recycled even if it has the plastic identification code triangle on it with #6.
  • Unwrap your junk mail or papers from their plastic wrap before recycling - put the plastic wrap in the garbage bin, put the junk mail in the recycling bin.
  • Broken glass bottles and containers - put these in the general waste bin; it's difficult to recycle broken glass and it can also contaminate paper and cardboard.  
  • Grass clippings don't go in your recycle bin - place these in your compost bin, recycle them at your nearest waste facility, place them in your greenwaste bin (optional service) or place them in your general waste bin.


Recycling at my local waste facility

We have information on what you can recycle at your local waste facility.

There are also a range of tips shops available at certain facilities.


Materials that can be placed in my recycling bin

Information on what can be recycled in your yellow-lidded recycle bin is also available.


More information

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