Our waste collection contractor empties your wheelie bin or (in the case of a small number of domestic premises, the bulk bins) and removes the waste to the following locations where it is further processed or buried in landfill. 

Waste from the kerbside waste collection service is handled appropriately and correctly in accordance with state legislation.

General waste bin

All general waste is buried in landfill at either the Toowoomba Waste Management Centre, Goombungee Waste Facility or the Millmerran Waste Facility. Our landfills are fully engineered and regularly monitored to ensure we meet the strict licence conditions set by the State Government department of Environment and Heritage Protection (DEHP). DEHP regularly inspect our facilities for compliance against our licence conditions.

Our kerbside waste is handled locally and not buried outside of our boundaries.

Greenwaste bin

All greenwaste is transported to the Toowoomba Waste Management Centre where it is stored in windrows – separate from the landfill cell. Our contractors regularly tub grind the material, and then move it off-site where it is further processed into soil/compost. A small portion of the timber waste is re-used on-site at our waste facilities in batter stabilisation and soil erosion control.  

The greenwaste is not buried in landfill.

Recycle bin

All recyclables are collected and transported by our collection vehicles to the JJ's Waste and Recycling facility in Toowoomba. The material is then “bulk hauled” to the Visy recycling plant in Gibson Island, Brisbane. Visy positively sorts the recyclables into the different material types, and each material type then follows its own reprocessing or recycling loop.

We have toured the recycling plant in Brisbane and confirmed our recyclable material is going where we have requested.

Currently, the largest volume of material recycled by Visy is paper, from which Visy produces recycled paper for cardboard products at its papers mills in Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria.

Some of the materials are recycled in Visy’s own plants, such as glass, aluminium and steel. Other materials are generally sold domestically or exported for recycling in the most suitable end markets.

Results from our 2018/19 audit of kerbside waste bins show that approximately 11% of the items placed in our recycle bins are contaminants and should never be placed in the recycle bin. This includes items such as:

  • nappies
  • plastic bags
  • electrical items
  • greenwaste including lawn clippings
  • bagged general waste were found in your recycle bins. 

Consumer behaviour is critical to ensure that non-recyclable waste materials are not placed in the kerbside recycling bin as these may ruin good recyclable materials and increase the cost to recycle or manufacture the materials into other items.

Know what you can place in each bin, and if in doubt, contact us.

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