We offer a waste removal option for community events held in a public park, within the defined collection area. Event organisers do not have to choose our waste collection service for their event; instead organisers may prefer to hire a different service provider. Areas that do not currently receive a domestic kerbside collection service are outside of our defined collection area and therefore a waste service for your event would not be possible. Please contact any waste collection contractor (numbers can be found in the white/yellow pages) for your service needs.

Services for events on private property are not available through council.

Please remember that events in some parks require a park booking to be completed. Read more about park bookings here.


How to order a service

  1. Complete and submit either the online or PDF form:

Arrow imageEvents - Waste collection service form (online)

PDF imageEvents - Waste collection service form (for print)

Fees apply for this service. These fees can be found in our interactive fees and charges application

Completed forms and fees must be received at least seven days before the event.  Please contact Waste Services on 131 872 for fees and availability of the service before completing an application form.