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Our Conservation and Pest Management team provide education and awareness programs, as well as control weeds and feral pests on Council owned land and thoroughfares across our region. The team controls weeds along approximately 11,000 km of road network and conduct private property inspections throughout the 13,000 square km of land in the region.

Biosecurity Plan

This Biosecurity Plan is a living, resource aimed at providing guidance and tools in the management of Invasive Plants and Animals within the Toowoomba Regional Council (Council) local authority area.

The Biosecurity Act 2014 regulates the management of Invasive plants and animals throughout the State. It does this by imposing a General Biosecurity Obligation (GBO) on people to manage Biosecurity Risks without directly prescribing what actions a landholder must take to manage their biosecurity risk.

This Plan lays out Toowoomba Regional Council’s blueprint for managing Invasive Plants and Animals, including close cooperative ties with neighbouring councils. In doing so, it aims to embrace a scalable approach to Biosecurity Management that can be equally applied across the landscape from paddock and property through to locality and intra- and inter-regional scales.

Pest Management Newsletters

Pest Management Newsletter August 2020

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