Last Updated: Wednesday, 19 August 2020 14:08

High profile weeds found in the area include:


Restricted matter in the region

Restricted matter is biosecurity matter (e.g. animal or weed pests) that requires action to be taken to minimise the spread and adverse impact of the matter or requires restrictions to be placed on dealings with the matter.

A full list of declared weeds (now referred to as invasive biosecurity matter) can be found in the Toowoomba Region Biosecurity Plan.


Weed information

A-Z list of weeds


Weeds of particular interest in the region

Bridal creeper

Honey locust

Chilean needle grass

African boxthorn

Annual ragweed


Fireweed (Scenecio Madagascariensis)

Groundsel bush

Harrisia cactus

Mother of millions

Parthenium weed

Prickly pears

Sporobolus grasses

Water weeds