Tea and scones

It is important to consider the impact your business or organisation will have on the environment. We have put together tips and tools that may help you have sustainable operational practices.  

You and your staff can take-action to reduce the carbon footprint within our community by implementing these tips.

Engage staff to think sustainable

  1. Provide staff with a re-usable cup or ask them to bring their own.
  2. Avoid single use products in the staff room, such as plastic cutlery.
  3. Provide drinking water so that staff don’t need to buy bottled water.
  4. Provide recycling and organic collection bins.

Make smart energy choices

  1. Switch off appliances at the wall when not in use.
  2. Set your air conditioning unit to 24-26 degrees.
  3. Draught proof by installing airtight seals and closing doors and windows.
  4. Power your business using renewable energy.

Plan to be a sustainable business

  1. Brainstorm to find achievable targets.
  2. Plan well but don’t try and achieve all you set out to overnight.
  3. Set baselines and targets for the future.
  4. Reflect on practices, celebrate achievements and plan.

Order sustainable supplies and stock

  1. Minimise products that come over-packaged or in plastic wrap.
  2. Use recycled paper and cut down on unnecessary printing.
  3. Use suppliers that act in being a sustainable company.
  4. Upcycle or recycle unwanted products and materials.

Encourage customers to engage in sustainable practices

  1. Plan your business location close to public transport or walking or bicycle paths. 
  2. Provide recycling bins.
  3. Provide drinking water stations.
  4. Ask customers to bring their own bags.

Find more information about the environment and business at Queensland’s Governments Business sustainability.