Minion made out of tyres

Upcycling is a great way to give an item a new life. Ideas for upcycling include:

  • Repurpose jars and bottles to hold pens, nuts, buttons.
  • Use left over fabric or old sheets as gift wrap.
  • Reuse dresser draws as planters. Great in springtime.
  • Turn an old washing machine drum into a backyard fire pit.
  • Repurpose old kitchen doors and make into a blackboard for the kitchen or the kids.
  • Turn old timber into ladder shelves for plants.

DIY upcycling projects can be fun and educational.

Recycling and reducing waste

You can donate items that are in a saleable condition to tip shops at either the Reviva Re-use Shop or a facility where Trash & Treasure is operated.

Other information on recycling includes:

To read more about bin days, household waste visits our waste and recycling tips webpage.