Garden around water tank

You can still have a glorious garden by being WaterWise - simply by reducing your lawn and being clever about watering your plants. Our nursery staff have great information on WaterWise gardening and suitable plant species for your area. Nursery staff can be contacted on 131 872. 

Not all WaterWise plants are natives. You can plant both native and exotic plants in your garden and still achieve a beautiful garden by clever planting. Contact us for a copy of our planting guide for WaterWise gardeners. Always check the current water restrictions to find out what form of watering is permitted, and times allowed for watering your garden in the Toowoomba bulk water supply area. 

Hints to save water in the garden

  • Install a tank. To ensure that you have all the fittings and know how to maintain the health of your tank contact us for a rainwater tank brochure.
  • Reduce your lawn area. Watering lawn with a hand held hose can use more than 1,000 litres per hour - 100 buckets.
  • Use mulch. It provides a protective layer between the dry air and the moister soil reducing evaporation. There are various types of mulch which can be used in different circumstances.
  • Greywater or tank water could be used or try water-efficient landscaping instead.

For more information on both mulching and use of greywater contact us for your copy of the WaterWise gardening brochures.

If you are planning on laying turf, be cautious, there are special conditions for watering turf.

Related information

Current water restrictions

Please visit the Australian federal governments water website for more information.