The Toowoomba Regional Skills Investment Strategy (RSIS) project is an initiative between Toowoomba Regional Council and the Department of Employment, Small Business, and Training to identify current and emerging jobs, and to ensure there is a supply of skilled local people to meet this demand.

The Toowoomba RSIS project will set up a network to provide information and assistance to businesses about training and skills funding and opportunities. Additionally, it will set up industry advisory groups to develop training and funding solutions for local employment and skills needs.


  • Transport and logistics
  • Advanced manufacturing
  • Health and social assistance


Suitable businesses for involvement

The Toowoomba RSIS Project can help your business if you:

  • Have difficulty navigating what funding is available for training, and how to access it.
  • Struggle to find training programs to meet your employees’ training needs.
  • Need assistance with selecting training providers and negotiating your needs to get the best return on your training investment.
  • Have staff with out-of-date skills for your changing industry.
  • Struggle to find staff with the skills to meet your clients’ demands.


How the RSIS Project can help

Join our Toowoomba RSIS network

By joining the Toowoomba RSIS, you’ll gain access to information and assistance to help your business and employees gain the skills they need for the future. Additionally, as a member of the RSIS network you can gain one-on-one assistance to:

  • Plan your business’s future employment and skill needs.
  • Broker solutions with training providers.
  • Link you with Government and industry funding and subsidies, to offset the costs of training and employment.

The project is fully funded for 2 years, and as such, there is no cost to join the network.

Take part in our industry advisory groups

Those businesses at the forefront of their industry, who want to make sure that Toowoomba has the supply of skills they need to make their business strategy work, can apply to join one of our industry advisory groups. These groups will meet quarterly to:

  • Recommend industry led solutions to address local training issues and skills shortages.
  • Provide recommendations to customise Queensland Government training funding.
  • Promote local training programs or initiatives which address local industry training needs.

These actions will help build the future workforce of Toowoomba, and inform our Regional Skills Plan.


What the project will cover

Information and advice - RSIS network

  • Information about funding available for training and how to access it.
  • Advice about training programs and providers operating in the region who can meet your business’s training needs.
  • Tips and hints on selecting a training provider, and on negotiating your needs to get the best return on your training investment.
  • Insight into the new skills required by your industry in future.

Workforce and training consultation - RSIS network

  • Guidance to plan your business’s future employment & skill needs.
  • Get the best return-on-investment from your employees’ training.
  • Brokering solutions with training providers.
  • Linking you with Government and industry funding and subsidies.

Industry Advisory Groups

  • Identify demands for skills, and where skills shortages may be in future.
  • Recommend industry led solutions to address these issues.
  • Provide recommendations to customise Queensland Government training funding.
  • Promote local training programs and initiatives.

Regional Skills Plan

  • Collect data and intelligence on local skills and employer needs.
  • Develop an industry focused and industry led plan to resolve local skill shortages, updated quarterly.


Contact information

For more information or to book an appointment, please contact Kyle Quinlan, Coordinator Regional Skills Investment Strategy Project, on 131 872 or via email at


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 This Regional Skills Investment Strategy project is proudly supported and funded by the Queensland Government.

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