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Toowoomba is Australia's second-largest inland city after the nation's capital and has rich traditions in educational excellence. As one of Australia's most liveable cities. Toowoomba is a wonderful place to enjoy a world-class, safe and inclusive education experience. The Toowoomba Region has bold ambitions to burgeon as an education and training hub and to welcome increasing numbers of students to our outstanding schools and universities. 

Home to more than 160,000 residents, the Toowoomba Region provides the best of metropolitan and rural lifestyles. The city is renowned for its internationally-accredited education institutions and has developed major retail and hospitality attractions in recent years.  

The Toowoomba Region's rich traditions and bold ambitions deliver a unique charm and distinctive energy and we invite domestic and international students to experience our warm hospitality. 

Find out more at Study Toowoomba or download our International Education profile. A Chinese version of the profile is also available.

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