Enhancing Toowoomba’s reputation as a fast-growing Region, the CBD and PDA has attracted over $850m of investment during 2010 - 2021 in over 40 projects from both the public and private sectors, including a $500m investment by the Queensland Investment Corporation in Grand Central.

The CBD is fast becoming a destination for both residents and visitors, with a growing coffee scene and vibrant laneway culture, stimulating investments in entertainment, retail, dining and commercial businesses. First Coat festival, sponsored by Council, has also provided a diverse range of public art and murals across the CBD.

The CBD and PDA are home to a wide range of historic, heritage and character buildings, which not only differentiate the CBD from other major regional CBD's but add significantly to the amenity and vitality of the CBD for businesses, employees and visitors alike. Investments in the public realm add to the enjoyment and walkability of the CBD, with both visitors and residents enjoying the linear park connections and historic walking trails.

The growth in visitor numbers is supporting the growth and investment in short-stay accommodation, which in turn is supporting the retail and night time economies.

Investment Prospectus Toowoomba CBD and PDA